Vee Garden Kickstarter Project

Former speaker Del Webber writes:


I’ve decided to take the plunge and create a Kickstarter project for Vee Garden. The project went live this week. Check it out here: Help me spread the word by forwarding this info to your friends, family, personal networks, garden groups, and anyone you think is interested in gardening. To learn more about Vee Garden, I encourage you to learn more at: • Facebook: • Twitter: • Blog: • Website: If you have any questions or thoughts you want to share, let me know. Thank you in advance for your encouragement and support. -Del

December Work Party – Saturday Dec 15 2012, 10am-2pm

We will have the only work party of December at CUH on Dec 15th 10-2. We’ll plant perennials in bed #1 and cover the north end of the bed with landscape cloth to discourage Equisetum. If it’s dry enough we will continue to remove paving squares from bed #2 and we’ll mulch another of the Bressingham beds. We only mulched one of them earlier.


Bring clothes for the weather, gloves, and weeding and planting tools. We’ll have lunch at Burgermaster after the work party for anybody who wants to join us.

Holiday Party – Sunday December 16, 3-7 pm

Bring Pot luck food and wrapped White elephant gifts. Lynne will provide the beverages (wine and cider). The rule on white elephant gifts: you cannot bring back what you received last year; but you can bring back something you received two years ago, or earlier.


November Work Party – Potting Up for the Spring Plant Sale

Saturday, November 3rd, 10am-2pm

We had a successful planting party last Saturday. Some of us cleaned the daffodils while others weeded the Equisetum out of the bed. Then we planted over a thousand daffodil bulbs. Won’t it look lovely in the spring!

Now we’re planning a potting up party at Kandy’s. We have bulbs to pot up from our bulb sale, and clumps of plants to pot up, both for our spring plant sale in April. We also need to prep the nursery area for winter. If it rains we can do the potting up in Kandy’s garage and greenhouse and keep out of the rain, and leave the prep of the nursery for a dry day.

We’ll be at Kandy’s 14555 Stone Ave N, Shoreline. Park along the street. Bring clothes for the weather, pruning shears, gloves, etc. Kandy’s is one block east of Aurora on 145th. Take the NE 145th exit from I-5 and head west towards Aurora. Just before you get there, turn right onto Stone Ave N. Kandy’s house is at the bottom of the hill. Park on the street.

Any questions call Pam 206 999 3092

General Bulb Planting Notes

General Notes


  • Bloom seasons are always approximate due to weather variations. E = Early EM = Early to Mid-season, M = Mid-season, ML = Mid to Late, L = Late
  • Almost all Tulips and Narcissus are packaged 5 bulbs per bag. See label for all other bulbs, for bulb-count per bag.
  • Always remove spent flowers from Narcissus and Tulips, but not the whole stem as stems also feed next year’s bulbs.
  • Feed all bulbs with a bulb food or vegetable food, or a balance of NPK like 5/10/10 when tulips are up about 2-3”. This will feed next year’s bulbs well.
  • Most bulbs should be planted as deep as 3X the diameter of the bulb, although it can be shallower if mulched after planting.
  • Plant small bulbs first, then Narcissus and Tulips last (they root the fastest). It is best to plant no later than November 1st.
  • If bulbs are rooted well, they will not be damaged by freezing.
  • Narcissus

  • The last Narcissus to bloom is Pipit.
  • Narcissus class Jonquilla tend to get about 5” taller than labeled, in the PNW.
  • Narcissus colors are listed perianth / cup.
  • Tulip

  • The last Tulips to bloom are the Lily-flowered and Viridiflora.
  • Tulips form a new bulb or bulbs each year and need full sun and heavy feeding to grow a bulb up to flowering size. Usually they form 2 or 3 undersize bulbs in pots or in the garden. Most who get tulips to Perennialize have a dry summer garden in full sun. The species will perennialize easily, but must have these conditions.
  • Crocus

  • Dutch crocus are the large flowered crocus. Do not mix yellow with the other colors as they are a bit weedier when planted en-masse.
  • To plant crocus, plant them about 2-3” deep, mulch, water in well, and cover with mesh or boards for about 3 weeks. The squirrels cannot smell them as easily if they have begun to root.