2014 Bulb Sale Announcement

Tulipa Spring Green

Tulipa Spring Green

We are excited to host our Fourth Annual Bulb Sale on Sunday, October 12th from 10am-2pm.  You can find us again this year at the Center for Urban Horticulture, 3501 NE 41st St., Seattle, 98105 in the NHS Hall.

We’ll have a bulb packaging and labeling party on Saturday, October 4th and Sunday October 5th at the Douglas Classroom at CUH from 10-4 (you do not need to stay all day; please bring a potluck item).  Volunteers should contact pamelaperrott@comcast.net for details.



The following bulbs will be available, typically 5 bulbs per bag, with prices ranging from $3 to $10:

Allium aflatunense

Allium aflatunense Purple Sensation

Allium amplectens Graceful Beauty

Allium atropurpureum

Allium azureum

Allium bulgaricum

Allium carinatum s. pulchellum

Allium cernuum

Allium christophii (albopilosum)

Allium karataviense

Allium karataviense Ivory Queen

Allium Moly Jeannine

Allium schubertii

Allium sphaerocephalon

Allium unifolium

Brodiaea coccinea

Brodiaea corrina

Brodiaea ixioides Starlight

Brodiaea Pink Diamond

Brodiaea Queen Fabiola

Brodiaea Rudy

Camassia Quamash

Camassia Quamash Orion

Chionodoxa forbesii

Chionodoxa forbesii Blue Giant

Chionodoxa forbesii Pink Giant

Chionodoxa gigantea

Chionodoxa sardensis

Corydalis solida

Crocus Biflorus Purity

Crocus Biflorus Spring Beauty

Crocus chrysanthus Cream Beauty

Crocus chrysanthus Goldilocks

Crocus sieberi Firefly

Crocus sieberi Tricolor

Crocus tommasinianus

Crocus tommasinianus Lilac Beauty

Crocus tommasinianus roseus

Crocus tommasinianus Ruby Giant

Crocus vernus King Of The Striped

Crocus vernus Grand Maitre

Crocus vernus Twilight

Eranthis hyemalis

Fritillaria acmopetala

Fritillaria assyriaca

Fritillaria meleagris

Fritillaria michailovskyi

Fritillaria pallidiflora

Fritillaria pontica

Galanthus elwesii

Galanthus ikariae

Iris danfordiae/Rk

Iris histriodes Katharine Hodgkin/Rk

Iris reticulata Cantab/Rk

Iris reticulata Gordon /Rk

Iris reticulata Harmony/Rk

Iris reticulata Pixie/Rk

Leucojum aestivum

Leucojum aestivum Gravetye Giant

Muscari aucheri Dark Eyes

Muscari aucheri Ocean Magic

Muscari aucheri White Magic

Muscari Bling Bling

Muscari comosum

Muscari paradoxum

Muscari Valerie Finnis

Narcissus  albus plenus odoratus

Narcissus  bulbocodium Golden Bells

Narcissus Angel Eyes

Narcissus April Queen

Narcissus Ara

Narcissus Arkle

Narcissus Avalanche

Narcissus Baby Moon

Narcissus Bantam

Narcissus Beautiful Eyes

Narcissus Bridal Crown

Narcissus Camelot

Narcissus Canaliculatus

Narcissus Cheerfulness

Narcissus Chromacolor

Narcissus Cragford

Narcissus Delibes

Narcissus Dreamlight

Narcissus Edna Earl

Narcissus Falconet

Narcissus Felindre

Narcissus Frosty Snow

Narcissus Goblet

Narcissus Hawera

Narcissus Hillstar

Narcissus Itzim

Narcissus Jonquilla Simplex

Narcissus Katie Heath

Narcissus Kedron

Narcissus Little Gem

Narcissus Manly

Narcissus Misty Glen

Narcissus Obvallaris

Narcissus Peeping Tom

Narcissus Peridot

Narcissus Pheasant’s Eye

Narcissus Princess Zaide

Narcissus Prototype

Narcissus Pueblo

Narcissus Punchline

Narcissus Rapture

Narcissus Ringtone

Narcissus Sailboat

Narcissus Segovia

Narcissus Sentinel

Narcissus Silver Chimes

Narcissus Silver Smiles

Narcissus Sorbet

Narcissus Stint

Narcissus Topolino

Narcissus Toto

Narcissus White Lion

Narcissus Wisley

Scilla pratensis

Scilla siberica Spring Beauty

Tulip Atlantis

Tulip bakeri Lilac Wonder

Tulip Batalinii Bright Gem

Tulip biflora

Tulip clusiana Cynthia

Tulip clusiana var chrysantha

Tulip Dasystemon

Tulip Elise

Tulip gregii Mary Ann

Tulip humilis Persian Pearl

Tulip humilis Violacea

Tulip Ice Stick

Tulip kolpakowskiana

Tulip linifolia

Tulip Peppermint Stick

Tulip Pink Impression

Tulip saxatilis

Tulip Shirley

Tulip sylvestris

Tulip turkestanica

Tulip viridiflora China Town

HPSW Meeting: September 15 @ 7pm with Susan Petersen

How NOT to buy a nursery OR What the (bleep) was I thinking?”  

Urban Earth July 2013 71


Come hear  Susan Petersen, owner of Urban Earth speak on the trials and tribulations of owing a Nursery in Seattle.    Susan bought her urban nursery in Wallingford off Craigs List four years ago and renamed it Urban Earth.   She specializes in edibles, small-scale plants and dwarf conifers.


 HPSW meeting  Monday September 15th at CUH,
Refreshments and socializing 6:30
NHS Hall Section A, Center for Urban Horticulture, 3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105 MAP


CUH is at 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105



August 17th HPSW Summer Picnic – 1PM-5PM









 UPDATED TIME: Please note that the party starts at 1PM, not 11 am as previously stated.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the HPSW Summer Picnic at Lynn Harrison’s Home on Mercer Island …

The HPSW picnic will be August 17th 1-5 at Lynne Harrison’s house on Mercer Island. Lynne has a waterfront house, so you can swim if you want to. Bring your kids if you want. It’s a potluck. HPSW will provide plates, cutlery, cups and things to drink like lemonade and water. Bring a dish to share.

Lynne’s address will be emailed to members.   Bring a chair if you want one, or a blanket to sit on.

Lynne reminds us that parking is limited at and near her house. Carpool if you can. There is a house being constructed to the north of Lynne’s house and a big pile of rubble in the street, so parking is even more limited than usual.




A Lecture & Garden Tour with Dr. Lee Reich

Luscious landscaping is the way to beautify your grounds and to put (very) local, healthful, flavorful food on the table.

Lee’s lecture will highlight:

-Landscape features — fall color, beautiful flowers, nice bark — of fruiting plants that are on a par with landscape features of strictly ornamental plants,

-Landscape uses — groundcover, specimen shrub, hedge — that can be fulfilled by fruiting plants, and

-The best fruiting landscape plants in terms of low maintenance, pest resistance, ornamental assets, and good flavor.


Following the lecture, we will explore the gardens at Magnuson Park. Participants will have the opportunity to purchase Dr. Reich’s book and ask him their burning fruit tree questions!


Members of sponsoring organizations, City Fruit, Bradner Gardens, Plant Amnesty, Seattle Fruit Tree Society, and the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals receive a 25 percent discount.  Email your organization to receive the password.


Here’s a link to buy tickets if you are interested http://leereich.brownpapertickets.com/

Summer Events at the Elisabeth Miller Botanical Garden

The Miller Garden celebrates 20 years of being open to the public this year! The 2014 Miller Lecture will follow this commemorative theme on September 11th. The Lecture will feature three people who knew Mrs. Miller from different aspects of her life: Valerie Easton, Dan Hinkley, and Steve Lorton.

Prior to the lecture there will be two Great Plant Picks fundraising dinners at the Garden this month and next. Two of the three lecture speakers, Val Easton and Steve Lorton will be the guests of honor at the Sunset Dinners. Both have great memories and stories about Mrs. Miller to share.