NWFGS – 2012 – Sticks and Stones

We had a fabulous first day at the NW Flower and Garden Show and want to share these pictures of our booth.  This year’s theme for us is Sticks and Stones, so our booth shows how to integrate woven panels into the landscape.  Plants used in our booth included:

  • Pseudopanax discolor
  • Pittosporum tenuifolium ‘Country Park Dwarf’
  • Coprosma “Karo’s Red”
  • Corokia cotoneaster
  • Carex
  • Dyckia

And the woven wall included apple, red-twig dogwood, bamboo and willow.  Come and see for yourself!  [Click images in the gallery for a larger view.]  [Update: videos added and pictures showing construction coming soon.]

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