Time for the HPSW Holiday Party – Sunday – January 19th from 1 to 4 pm

HPSW Holiday Party will be next Sunday January 19th from 1-4 at Madelyn Katzman’s house on North Capitol Hill 

The party is a potluck. Madelyn/HPSW will supply plates etc. You supply the food. Please bring an item to share. 

We will also have a white elephant gift exchange. You can come to the party even if you don’t want to participate in the white elephant gift exchange. Please bring a wrapped gift. If you buy something for the gift exchange, it should not be an expensive gift, just something odd or funny. It’s something you think is a white elephant – something you don’t want, won’t use. But, interestingly enough, one person’s white elephant is someone else’s prized possession. You cannot bring back what you got last year. You can bring back what you got 2 years ago. We will draw numbers to choose who picks a gift first. 
Questions? Pam Perrott at 206 999 3092

You can come without sharing in the gift exchange, so don’t avoid us if you aren’t interested in the gift exchange.

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