HPSW November Meeting @ 7-9pm -Bob Lilly-Trip to Japan

The Hardy Plant Society of Washington will meet Monday Evening; November 20th at the Center for Urban Horticulture

Doors open at 6:30 for Seed Sales and Food & Socializing .  There will also be an opportunity to buy bulbs that did not arrive in time for our bulb sale.

A brief business meeting will start at 7pm  and then a talk by Bob Lilly on his trip to Japan.


Meeting at Center for Urban Horticulture;  NHS Hall Section A,

3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105  MAP

HPSW 7th Annual Fall Bulb and Plant Sale-Sunday October 8, 2017, 10 am – 2 pm

The  7th Annual Fall Bulb and Plant Sale

Sunday Oct 8, 2017, 10 am – 2 pm

Come early for best selection! 

We’ll have hundreds of seed packets
for $1 each, and some great plants for sale as well.

Center for Urban Horticulture
3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105

Tulipa Virichic

TypeClassNameHeightColorBloom Time  
AlliumAlliumatropurpureum12-24"v dark purpleVery Late
AlliumAlliumsiculum bulgaricum32"purple/white/greenLate-Season
AlliumAlliumamplectens Graceful Beauty12-16"whiteLate
AlliumAlliummoly Jeannineto 12"yellowV late-Season
AlliumAlliumaflatuense Purple Sensation30"purpleLate-Season
BrodiaeaBrodiaeacalifornica Babylon24"pinkLate
BrodiaeaBrodiaealaxa corrina14"deep blue-violetLate
BrodiaeaBrodiaealaxa Silver Queen18"whiteLate
BrodiaeaBrodiaeapink diamond24"pinkMid
BrodiaeaBrodiaearudy12-24"purple/white stripedLate
CamassiaCamassiaquamash 'Orion'15"deep violet blueLate Spring
ChionodoxaChionodoxaforbesii Blue Giantto 12"light blueVery Early
ChionodoxaChionodoxaforbesii Pink Giantto 12"light pinkVery Early
ChionodoxaChionodoxaluciliae Violet Beauty5-6"pink-violetEarly
CorydalisCorydalissolida Beth Evans4-5"pinkEarly
CorydalisCorydalissolida George P. Bakerto 12"pinkEarly
CrocusBotanicalchrysanthus Blue Pearl3-4"blueEarly
CrocusBotanicalchrysanthus Cream Beauty3"creamEarly
CrocusBotanicalchrysanthus Goldilocksto 12"yellowEarly
CrocusBotanicalminimus Spring Beauty4"white/purpleEarly
CrocusBotanicalbiflorus Miss Vain4"whiteEarly
CrocusBotanicalsieberi Firefly4"lavenderEarly
CrocusBotanicalsieberi Tricolor4"blue/white/yellowEarly
CrocusBotanicaltommasinanus roseus4"rose/violetEarly
CrocusBotanicaletruscus Zwanenburg4"dark bronzeEarly
CrocusDutchvernus Vanguard4-6"blue/whiteEarly
FritillariaFritillariaimperialis Rubra39"orangeLate
FritillariaFritillariameleagris8"white/purple mixEarly
FritillariaFritillariamichailovskyi6"deep purplish brown/yellownMid-Late
FritillariaFritillariapontica12"lime green/maroonMid-Season
GalanthusGalanthusnivalis flore pleno6"white/greenEarly
HyacinthHyacinthFestival Blue8 "blueEarly-Mid
HyacinthHyacinthWhite Festival8-12"whiteEarly-Mid
IpheionIpheionuniflorum5"pale blueEarly
IpheionIpheionuniflorum Rolf Fiedlerto 12"deep, dusky violetEarly
IpheionIpheionuniflorum white starto 12"whiteeEarly
IpheionIpheionuniflorum wisley blueto 12"dark blueEarly
Irisdanfordiaedanfordiae3-6”yellow w/spotsVery Early
IrisdutchEye of the Tiger18-20"purpleLate
IrisDutchMystic Beauty18-20"blue/yellowLate
IrisDutchRed Ember18-20"purple/burgundyLate
IrishistrioidesLady Beatrix Stanley4-8 "blue/white/yellowLate
IrisreticulataClairette4"sky blueEarly-Mid
IrisreticulataHarmonyto 12"deep blueEarly
IrisreticulataPixieto 12"deep purpleEarly
LeucojumLeucojumaestivum Gravetye Giant18"whiteMid
MuscariaucheriBlue Magic6"blueMid-Season
MuscariaucheriDark Eyes6-8"deep blue w/white edgeMid-Season
MuscariaucheriOcean Magic8"deep blue base to white at topMid-Season
MuscariaucheriWhite Magicto 12"whiteMid-Season
MuscarimuscariBling Bling6-8"violet-blue w/wh edge
NarcissuspaperwhitesBethlehem 'nony'10-12"white/yellowearly
NarcissusBotanicalbulbocodium Golden Bellsto 12"yellow/yellowMid-Season
NarcissusBotanicalcanaliculatusto 12"white/goldEarly-Mid
NarcissusBotanicalobvallaris8-10"yellow/yellowVery EarlyBritish native daffodil, found at Tenby in Wales
NarcissusCyclamineusFebruary Gold12"yelow/yellowEarly
NarcissusJonquillaBaby Moon10"yellowMid-Late
NarcissusJonquillaBeautiful Eyes12-24"pale yellow/orangeMid
NarcissusJonquillaSailboat12"white/yellowMid-Latecup matures to white
NarcissusLarge cuppedFellows Favorite7-12"white/yellowMid
NarcissusMiniaturetwinkling yellow6-10"yellowEarly-Mid
NarcissusMiniaturewatierito 6"whiteMid
NarcissusPoeticusPheasant's Eye14"white/yellow-red-greenLate-Season
NarcissusSmall cuppedgreen eyed lady20"whiteMid
NarcissusTriandrusGinter's Gem14-16"yellowMid
NarcissusTriandrusHawerato 12"yellow/yellowMid-Late
NarcissusTriandrusKatie Heathto 12"white/pinkMid-Season
TulipaDarwin HybridHakuun16-20"whiteMid
TulipaDarwin HybridPink Impression24-26"bright pinkEarly to Mid
TulipaGreigiiMary Ann6-12"red/whiteEarly
TulipaMulti-floweredpraestans Fuselier8"redMid-Season
TulipaSingle EarlyChristmas orange10-14"orangeEarly-Mid
TulipaSingle EarlyPrincess Irene12"orange/purpleEarly-Mid
TulipaSingle EarlyPurple Prince12"purpleEarly-Mid
TulipaSpeciesbakeri Lilac Wonderto 12"pink w/yellowMid-Season
TulipaSpeciesbatalinii Bright Gem6"yellow/orangeMid-Season
TulipaSpeciesbatalinii Salmon Gem6"salmon pinkMid-Season
TulipaSpeciesclusiana Cynthiato 12"red/yellowMid-Season
TulipaSpeciesclusiana Lady Jane12"red/whiteMid-Season
TulipaSpeciesclusiana var chrysanthato 12"yellow/redMid-Season
TulipaSpecieshumilis Persian Pearlto 12"purpleEarly-Mid
TulipaSpecieshumilis Helene3-4"rose-pinkEarly-mid
TulipaSpeciesIce Stick12"white/purple/pinkMid
TulipaSpecieskolpakowskianato 8"yellow/redMid-Season
TulipaSpecieslinifoliato 12"redMid-Late
TulipaSpeciesLittle Beautyto 12"reddish pink/blueMid-Season
TulipaSpeciesLittle Princess4"orange/blackMid-Season
TulipaSpeciesPeppermint Stick8-10"white/redMid-Season
TulipaSpeciessaxatilis6"pink/yellow baseMid-Season
TulipaSpeciessylvestristo 12"yellowMid-Late
TulipaSpeciesv. Tangerine Beauty8"red/orangeMid-Late
TulipaTriumphRembrandt's Favorite22"purple/whiteMid
TulipaTriumphsynaeda blue14"lilac-roseMid
TulipaViridifloraChina Town12-24"pink/greenMid-Late
TulipaViridifloraGolden Artist15"orange/greenLate-Season
TulipaViridifloraNight rider18-24"raspberryLate
TulipaViridifloraSpring Green16"white/greenLate-Season

HPSW Meeting September 18 : 7pm-9pm Lori Brakken on Gardening on a Steep

Gardening on a Steep, North Facing Slope: It’s a Challenge!- Lori Brakken

Lori Brakken, apple ID expert and landscape architect, will join us at our September meeting to talk about her gardening experiences..

Lori has an espalier fence with more than 40 apple trees growing in an elevated bed., supported by bamboo trellising. She has grafted additional varieties to the espaliered trees, so she now has about twice that many varieties of pomme fruit wood. She also grows grapes, blueberries, persimmon, apricots, and plums.

her espalier Brian W pics (6) Meeting at Center for Urban Horticulture;  NHS Hall Section A,

Doors open at 6:30 for Seed Sales and food & socializing .
Door prizes and a short business meeting will start at 7:00 followed by Lori’s talk

3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105  MAP

HPSW Summer Potluck – Sunday August 13th from 12-3pm

Come join us for the annual HPSW Summer Picnic. Bring a dish to share. HPSW will supply plates and cups, napkins and knives, forks, and spoons, and basic things to drink like water and lemonade.


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call Pam at 206 999 3092 with questions
Please Note: Madelyn lives near the north end of Capitol Hill, not far from Volunteer Park. Her house is up a long flight of stairs through a rockery, with no handrail, but you can use her neighbor’s stairs – the neighbor to the south – and then cross into her yard at the top. 


HPSW: Summer plant sale Saturday July 8th 11am-3pm

HPSW will hold a summer sale  at Kandy Kroll’s house at 14555 Stone Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133

Lots of perennials at good prices.

Stone Ave is one block east of Highway 99 (Aurora). Take the 145th exit from I-5 and  head west towards Aurora Avenue. Turn right at Stone Ave N, and go down the hill. Kandy’s  house is at the bottom of the hill. 

You will be able to wander around the pots we have and choose the plants you want. You bring them down to the cashier station and we will price the pots there. Our prices are extremely reasonable.   

Questions? email Pam at pamelaperrott@comcast.net

Please park on Kandy’s side of the road (west side) either outside Kandy’s yard or to the north. Don’t park on the east side, to allow the mail deliverer to reach the mailboxes there. 

We will be able to accept cash, credit cards and checks at this sale. 

Stone Ave N is a dead end street, but if you want refreshments, there are several

choices on Aurora Avenue nearby, for example Kidd Valley is just south of 145th on Aurora, McDonald’s is north at about 150th; and there’s a good pizza place nearby. 

we hope to see you on July 8th

Pamela Perrott

206 999 3092 for questions