HPSW Meeting -June 15 @ 7pm : Bob Seaman – Pacific Coast Irises

PCI.Silver Plate clumpIt’s said that growing Pacific Coast Iris can be a challenge. This may be true for some of them, but they are well worth the effort!   Join Bob Seaman for a stroll through the garden and see why.

Bob will do a quick review of other irises as well.

Bob Seaman has created a beautiful garden on this small city lot and has specialized in PCIs since 2009. He has over 240 varieties, as well as a smattering of bearded irises and misc. other species, tucked into every corner, making excellent use of the small space.   Bob Seaman

AIS Region 13 RVP

7051 S 126th St

Seattle, WA 98178-4337




Refreshments and socializing 6:30

NHS Hall Section A, Center for Urban Horticulture, 3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105 MAP
CUH is at 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105

HPSW Meeting -May 18th @ 7pm : Connie Sidles – Attracting Birds to our Gardens

SecondNatureCover-thumb-308x483-29115Connie Sidles, a member of the Seattle Audubon Society ,and former Board member .  Connie is a master birder with more than 600 North American birds on her life list. She has led several trips for Seattle Audubon Society and currently serves as chair of Seattle Audubon’s Publications Committee.


Refreshments and socializing 6:30
NHS Hall Section A, Center for Urban Horticulture, 3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105 MAP
CUH is at 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105

Updated Listing From HPSW 2015 Plant Sale

HPSW Plant Sale 2015
Genus Species variety
Anemone japonica
Anemone nemerosa viridiflora
Anemone nemerosa ‘Bractenta’
Arisaema amurense
Arisaema proboscideum mouse plant
Aster divaricatus
Aster short blue
Aster tall blue
Aster ‘Hot Pink’
Aster tall purple
Astrantia major
Beesia diphylla
Cardamine single pink flowers
Chrysanthemum ‘Kandy’s Gold’
Chrysanthemum ‘Pink’
Corydalis solida
Crambe cordifolia crown divisions
Crambe maritima
Dicentra formosa native
Disporum flavum
Epimedium x versicolor ‘Sulphureum’
Epimedium Orange Queen’
Eryngium giganteum
Fragaria edible strawberry
Geranium cantabrigiensis Bioloco’
Geranium 2′ laveder blue clumping
Geum Orange
Helianthus salicifolius
Helenium ‘Orange’
Helleborus orientalis seedlings
Helleborus orientalis
Hemerocallis Kwanso ‘Flore Pleno’
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus
Hemerocallis ‘Autumn Minaret’
Hemerocallis ‘Butter Yellow’
Hemerocallis ‘Spider Miracle’
Hemerocallis Stella d’Oro’
Hops Golden
Hosta big green
Hosta ‘Blue Cadet’
Hosta ‘Francee’
Hosta green Coral’s plant
Hosta plantagenea
Hosta small clumping
Hosta venusta
Hosta venusta
Hosta ‘Krossa Regal’
Hosta ‘Northern Exposure’
Hosta ‘Patriot’
Hosta ‘Warwick Curtsy’
Iris germanica
Iris siberica ‘Alba’
Iris japonica
Lilium ‘Conch d’Or’
Oxalis oregana
Ophiopogon Black Mondo Grass
Ostrich Plume Fern
Pachyphragma macrophyllum
Pachyphragma macrophyllum
Peony double white
Peony double pink
Persicaria amplexicaulis red form
Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Rosea’
Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Taurus’
Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’
Persicaria bistorta superba
Petasites japonicus ‘Variegatus’
Polygonatum commutatum
Polygonatum verticillatum
Primula Wanda group
Primula ‘Dorothy’
Ranunculus ficaria ‘Flore Pleno’
Saxifraga dentata
Saxifraga stolonifera Strawberrry Begonia’
Silene dioica Clifford Moor’
Soldanella alpina
Solidago rugosa ‘Fireworks’
Thalictrum aquilegifolia
Thalictrum kisoanum
Trachystemon orientalis
Viola various cultivars

Spring Plant Sale – Sunday April 19th, 10am – 2pm CUH

Seed Exchange List – April 2015

Scabiosa atropurpurea

Scabiosa atropurpurea

Download the  HPSW Seed List 2015 Excel Spreadsheet (updated 4/1/2015)

Genus Species Cultivar Description Source Date Collected
Achlys triphylla Vanilla leaf; native ground cover. Elegant plant for the edge of woodland Virginia Brewer (B.I.) 7/1/14
Aconitum columbianum var columbianum Chelan County WA Wenatchee Mountains 3200’. Blue white flowers; up to 3’ tall Ron Ratko 8/10/13
Aconitum napellus Blue flowers on 3’ spikes; late flowering Elizabeth Gilham 11/3/13
Actea rubra Jackson County OR Siskiyou Mountains 6200’. White flowers; red fruit; to 1 ½ ‘ tall Ron Ratko 9/20/13
Agapanthus africanus Lily of the Nile. Blue flowers above foliage; umbels on 2’ stems Sylvia Duryee 2013
Agapanthus Headbourne Hybrids Blue flowers; Hardy Lily of the Nile Coral Wilde 10/2/13
Agastache ‘Bolero’ Rose purple flowers; aromatic foliage; To 18” in flower Julie Martinson 9/2/13
Agastache ‘Raspberry Nectar’ Nice upright form; raspberry red flowers Bob Lilly 8/10/13
Agastache aurantiaca ‘Apricot Sprite’ Short lived perennial; aromatic foliage; edible flowers Bob Lilly 8/8/13
Agastache aurantiaca ‘Apricot Sprite’ Small orange flowers are edible. Green/grey foliage; aromatic Bob Lilly 9/1/13
Agastache aurantiaca cv. Apricot flowers on an extremely large plant. Bitter edible flowers. Aromatic floliage Carol Ager 10/19/13
Agastache cv. Burnt Orange Long tubular flowers; few seeds are set so very floriferous Carol Ager 8/5/14
Agastache frugosa ‘Aureum’ or ‘Golden Jubilee’ Gold foliage; spikes of blue flowers; seeds about; great for bees. Charlene 8/10/14
Agastache occidentalis Yakima County WA Cascade Mountains 3300’; lavender blue flowers; to 1 – 1 ½ ‘ tall Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Alchemilla mollis Lady’s Mantle. Chartreuse flower heads can be dried; flops somewhat. Ruthie G. Aug-14
Allium (cernuum?) Lavender pink. 10” tall; 1 to 1 ½ inch bloom head Julie Martinson 10/1/13
Allium acuminatum Pale lavender flowers on 1’+ stems; native Yakima County WA 1800’ Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Allium nevii Lavender pink flowers on short stems; native Yakima County WA 5000’ Ron Ratko 8/4/13
Allium schoenoprasum Common chives; large seed heads. Wild population near Greenlake Tyler B. 7/28/14
Allium schoenoprasum Common chives; with pink flower; not the standard colors Julie Martinson 7/26/14
Allium schoenoprasum Chives; standard purple colored flowers Julie Martinson 7/6/05
Allium schubertii Largest headed ornamental onion; purple flowers on a fireworks like flower head Banbury 7/6/05
Allium schubertii Largest inflorescence of the Alliums; lavender pink flowers umbel on 20-24” stem Coral Wilde 9/12/13
Allium vineale ‘Hair’ Small bulbils formed in flower head; curious ornamental onion HPSW member 7/5/05
Alstromeria ligtu hybrids “Peruvian Lily: to 2 ½’ in flower; white; peach; pale orange forms Ron Ratko 8/1/13
Amaranthus caudatus Love Lies Bleeding Pendant ropes of cerise flowers; red seed Bob Lilly 9/19/13
Amsonia tabernaemontana Blue flowers; to about 3’ tall Ron Ratko 11/1/13
Anemanthele lessoniana Large scale grass; graceful in flower; Orange/tan/green foliage Bob Lilly 10/7/13
Anemathele lessoniana Large carex-like grass with colored blades in green; tan; gold and orange; Evergreen Bob Lilly 8/1/14
Angelica arguta White flowers; to 3’ tall; native Yakima County WA 5500’ +/- Ron Ratko 9/10/13
Angelica pachycarpa Short monocarpic perennial chartreuse to cream flowers and glossy divided foliage Bob Lilly 7/20/14
Angelica pachypoda (pachycarpa) Glossy green leaves stiff and divided; to 3’. Greenish white flowers Ron Ratko 8/6/13
Anomatheca laxa Large population. Orange-red flowered; by Douglas Classroom CUH Aug-14
Anomatheca laxa Small scale bulbous plant hardy in full sun; wideish grass like leaves Kandy Kroll (greenhouse) 9/11/13
Anomatheca laxa var. alba Bulbous spring flowered; dormant by summer; likes to bake through summer Sylvia Duryee 8/16/13
Anthericum liliago White flowers on an unbranched spike M. Pace 9/29/13
Anthericum ramosum Small with star like flowers on upright branched stems Julie Martinson 9/17/14
Anthriscus sylvestris ‘Ravenswing’ Purplish foliage; white flowers; to 2’ in flower Ron Ratko 7/22/13
Apium graveolens Redventure celery; red stems; a striking new form of celery Julie Martinson 8/25/13
Aquilegia flavescens x A. formosa var formosa Native columbine yellow/pink forms to 2 ½‘+. Chelan County WA 5000’ Ron Ratko 8/10/13
Aquilegia formosa Red and yellow nodding flowers Julie Martinson 7/10/13
Aquilegia vulgaris Blue flowers – columbine. Lots of seed to broadcast Lynne Harrison 2014
Aquilegia vulgaris Columbine maroon single with a deeper throat Alice Smith 8/27/13
Aquilegia vulgaris Deep purple double flowers; Columbine Anne Potter 7/18/14
Aquilegia vulgaris Large flowered blue form; Very vigorous Columbine lots of seed to broadcast Elizabeth Gilham 8/12/14
Aquilegia vulgaris Large purple columbine Ann Potter Jul-13
Aquilegia vulgaris var. stellata Mixed colors and spurred and spurless ;Lots of seed to broadcast Saskia Schottt 2013
Aquilegia vulgaris Black Currant Ice Purple flowers; bicolored flowers; dwarf columbine. Golden foliage Julie Martinson 2013
Aquilegia vulgaris var. stellata ‘Black Barlow’ Fully double; almost black flowered columbine Julie Martinson 7/3/13
Aquilegia vulgaris var. stellata Pale pink spurless columbine; Very nice large flowers Lynne Harrison 2014
Aqulegia vulgaris Large flowered blue form; Very vigorous Columbine lots of seed to broadcast Elizabeth Gilham 8/12/14
Aquligia vulgaris Large vigorous plants; blue flowers;Very prolific; sorted for larger seed; full packets Virginia H 2013
Aralia californica Bold herbaceous native perennial to 5’+ white flowers. Lane County OR Cascade Range 1500’ Ron Ratko 9/16/13
Arisaema heterophyllum Jack in the Pulpit. 3’ tall; green and purple tinged spathe; Washed seed Sylvia Duryee 9/14/13
Arisaema tortuosum Jack in the Pulpit 3-4’ tall; mottled stem; greenish white spathe; Washed seed Sylvia Duryee Sep-13
Arnica cordifolia Yellow daisies for shade spring to 1’; Wenatchee Mtns Chelan Co. WA 5450’ Ron Ratko 7/9/14
Arnica fulgens Kittitas County WA Wenatchee Mnts. Yellow orange daisy on 1’ stems Ron Ratko 8/4/13
Arnica latifolia Yellow daisies to 1’ tall; Cascade Ridge Lewis Co. WA 4800’ Ron Ratko 8/1/14
Arnica mollis Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns 6400’ Yellow daisy on 10” stems Ron Ratko 8/24/13
Arthropodium cirratum Distinctive New Zealand plant broad leaves and a complex spike of white flowers Phil Wood Oct-13
Asphedoline liburnica Yellow flowers on 36” spikes above fine strap like foliage Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Asphodeline lutea Grass like grey green foliage; sun’ Yellow spider like flowers on 2-3’ spikes Eileen O’Connor 2013
Asphodeline lutea Yellow flowers on 2 ½’ spikes above fine strap like foliage Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Astrantia major Good red population Bob Lilly 2014
Astrantia major ‘Hadspen Blood’ Masterwort. One of the darkest flowered forms Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Baptisia australis Blue lupine-like flowers above slightly greyish foliage; large scale perennial Bob Lilly 8/19/14
Baptisia australis Long lived large perennial; Blue lupine-like flowers/rattlesnake seed pods Virginia Brewer 9/12/13
Beesia calthifolia Evergreen clumper; glossy heart shaped leaves; curious flowers on spikes above foliage Sylvia Duryee 7/21/13
Beesia calthifolia Evergreen clumping perennial with spikes above foliage and curious white flowers Bob Lilly 8/18/14
Beesia calthifolia Evergreen clumping perennial with spikes above foliage and curious white flowers Bob Lilly 8/18/14
Beesia calthifolia Evergreen perennial with glossy heart shaped leaves. Curious white flowers on 18” spikes Bonnie Sharpe Aug-13
Beesia calthifolia Evergreen perennial; glossy heart shaped leaves; a great plant with curious seed pods. Lots of sun. Matt & Craig 2013
Beesia calthifolia Evergreen perennial; glossy leaves; Curious white flowers Craig & Matt 2013
Beschorneria yuccoides subsp. dekosteriana Strap leaf evergreen perennial; Best if protected below 28° striking Paul Smith 2013
Billardiera longiflora Vine to 9’ +/- with small greenish white flowers followed by shiny purple squarish fruit Ron Ratko 10/10/13
Boykinia major White flowers; to 1 ½ ‘ high +/- Jackson County OR Siskiyou Mtns 6000’ Ron Ratko 9/16/13
Boykinia occidentalis White flowers; at most 1’ tall; Lane County OR Cascade Range 3000’+ Ron Ratko 9/16/13
Brassica napus pabularia Red Russian Kale Annual or biennial to 3’+. Originally brought here by Jack Bucher. Yellow flowers; lots of seed. Best plants overwintered. Grey green leaves turn purple in cold weather Lynne Harrison 2013
Briza maxima Rattlesnake grass; Annual curiosity Lynne Harrison 2014
Camassia quamash Native Camas; blue flowers Sylvia Duryee 9/14/13
Camassia quamash ssp. utahensis Pale violet blue on spikes to 1’+; Blue Mtns Umatilla Co OR 5000’ Ron Ratko 7/16/14
Camassia quamash subsp quamash Yakima Countay WA Cascade Mountains 2800’; Violet flowers on short 1’ spikes Ron Ratko 8/14/13
Campanula latifolia var. macrantha Bold Bell Flower to 2’+ outward facing bells. Dark blue flowers Ron Ratko 9/25/13
Campanula latiloba Large scale Blue Bells to 3’. Large semi-pendant blue flowers on dense stalks M Pace 9/29/13
Campanula moesiaca To 10” tall; pale lilac blue flowers Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Campanula persicifolia White Peach leaf Bellflower Julie Martinson 7/30/13
Campanula persicifolia Chettle Charm Group Mixed population from CUH beds. White/blue/pale blue and white with pale blue edge CUH 8/18/13
Campanula primulifolia Wide blue flowers on 12” plus spikes; Parent plant unusually trim Kandy Kroll 9/14/14
Campanula primulifolia Large outfacing flat blue flowers A bell flower that can’t ring! Julie Martinson 8/13/13
Campanula punctata ‘Cherry Bells’ Huge pendant cherry red spotted bells. Runs like crazy Kandy Kroll 8/26/14
Campanula punctata ‘Cherry Bells’ Immense pendant bellsTo about 18” tall Kandy Kroll 8/14/12
Campanula scouleri Pale lavender pink flowers on a short perennial. Native Klickitat County WA 2100’ Ron Ratko 9/12/13
Cardamine sp. Pink flowers; divided foliage; Seeds about some long flowering season if seed removed Susan Carter Jun-13
Cardiocrinum giganteum Intensely fragrant pendant white trumpets. Bulbous and monocarpic (transplant pups) to 10’ tall Ron Ratko 11/23/13
Cardiocrinum giganteum Parent had a 5’ spike. Sorted for heavy seed. Pendant large white trumpets; fragrant Bonnie Sharpe 11/10/13
Carex phyllocephala ‘Sparkler’ Grass to 2’ tall or so; whorls of green leaves w/white margins Ron Ratko 11/17/13
Carex tenuiculmis ‘Cappucino’ Narrow chestnut brown leaves; About 2’ tall; gracefully arching Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Carex tenuiculmus ‘Cappucino’ Nice coffee colored sedge; As with all Carex seed is a ‘nutlet’ Carol Ager 10/19/13
Cephalaria gigantea Large scale perennial with long stems; scabiosa like flowers; seed heads dry well Judy Phillips 7/25/14
Cephalaria gigantea Long stem (large scale plant); Yellow pincushion lowers; very perennial Judy Phillips 8/1/14
Cerinthe major ‘Purpurascens ’ Annual with blue bracts self sows ; The best plants overwinter as seedlings Sand Point 7/12/13
Chelidonium majus ‘Flore Pleno’ Double Celandine Biennial charming; Seeds about some Bob Lilly 8/20/11
Chenepodium giganteum Magenta Spreen Edible green; Annual to 6’+/- pink tipped young leaves Bonnie Sharpe 2013
Chenopodium giganteum Magenta spreen annual to 3’+; With edible young pink leaves nutty flavor Bob Lilly 9/11/13
Clarkia rubicunda Annual lavender pink with dark rose center; to about 2 ½’ tall Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Cleome hassleriana Spider flower; long blooming annual; White flowers long thin seed pods C. Hill 10/20/13
Clintonia uniflora Single starlike flowers / blue berry /white; Wenatchee Mtns Kittitas Co WA 4200’ Ron Ratko 8/23/14
Colutea arborescens Bladder Pod; shrub; yellow flowers to about 4’+ tall Lynne Harrison 8/17/14
Colutea arborescens Yellow flowered pea shrub; “Bladder Pod” curious inflated seed pods Lynne Harrison 9/16/14
Consolida ajacis Mixed colors of old fashioned larkspur. Lots of seed to broadcast. Annual. Julie Martinson 8/1/14
Corydalis heterocarpa Biennial early spring blooming; clusters of yellow flowers/ weedy but very nice Bob Lilly 2014
Corydalis ochroleuca The pale yellow one; seeds about some. Short lived; replaced by new plants. Naomi Shiff 7/2/14
Cosmos bipinnatus ‘Pink Pop-socks’ Small pink flowers and lots of them; to about 3’tall or less. Annual Charlene 2014
Cotinus coggygria Purpureus group Smoke Bush with purple/maroon leaves to 6’+/- M Pace 10/28/13
Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’ Red flowers on the largest growing of all the Crocosmias Saskia Schott Aug-13
Crocosmia cv. Orange flowers and nice golden seed pods Alice Smith 10/21/13
Cryptotaenia japonica v. atropurpurea Purple “Japanese Parsley” HPSW member 8/25/12
Cuphea micropetala Large flowered; and large leafed; Orange curious flowers Saskia Schott 2014
Cyclamen coum Mixed colors; pink and white Judy Philips 2014
Cyclamen coum Pewter leaf type Bob Lilly 2013
Cyclamen hederifolium Mixed pinks and white fall blooming Bonnie Sharpe 2013
Darlingtonia californica Native pitcher plant; carnivorous; to 1½‘ tall; yellow flowers Josephine County OR Siskiyou Mtns 1000’ +/- Ron Ratko 9/20/13
Darmera peltata Large leaf plant for wet ground. Pink flowers on 24” stem before leaves emerge Coral Wilde May-14
Datisca cannabina An extremely large perennial; Pendant green long flower clusters CUH 2013
Delphinium distichum Bright purple blue flowers on a 1-1½‘ tall spike. Native Kittitas County WA 4000’ Ron Ratko 8/13/13
Delphinium glaucum Dark purple flowers; to 3’+ Native Kittitas County WA Wenatchee Mtns 4500’ Ron Ratko 8/23/13
Delphinium lineapetalum Pale blue; purple penciling; short; Native Kittitas County WA Wenatchee Mtns 5000’ Ron Ratko 8/4/13
Delphinium menziesii subsp menziesii Menzies Larkspur perennial blue purple to 1’ tall; Cascade Range Lewis Co WA 3600’ Ron Ratko 7/29/14
Delphinium multiplex Dark blue; to +/- 3’ Native Kittitas County WA Wenatchee Mtns 5000’ Ron Ratko 8/4/13
Delphinium nuttallianum Blue purple flowers; short; Native Yakima County WA Cascade Range 5000’ Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Delphinium viridescens Green/maroon flowers; to 1’ +/- Native Chelan County Wenatchee Mtns 1800’ Ron Ratko 8/10/13
Dicentra formosa Native bleeding heart. Use as a groundcover in dry shade Ramsay Jul-14
Dicentra formosa Vigorous form of native Bleeding Heart. Good for dry shade; pink flowers Naomi Shiff 7/2/14
Dicentra scadens (now Dactylicaphos s.) Vine to 6’ with pendant clusters of butter yellow flowers Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Dictamnus albus Pink or white flowers; Gas Plant. Long lived perennial Mr. Huu 2013
Dictamnus albus var. purpureus Gas Plant; second collection will be white or pink; to 2 ½ – 3’ tall House of Huu 2014
Dictamnus albus var. albus or var. purpureus Gas Plant. Long lived perennial. Two separate collections; one white one pink House of Huu Sep-14
Dierama dracomontanum Salmon flowers on short arching stems. Originally from Ann Bucher Saskia Schott Aug-14
Dierama pulcherrimum Angel’s Fishing Wand; Light medium Pink pendant flowers on arching stems Julie Martinson 8/25/13
Dierama pulcherrimum Angels Fishing Wand; pendant bright rose-violet flowers on arching stems; Strap like foliage to 3’+ Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Dierama pulcherrimum Light pink pendant flowers; Angel’s Fishing Wand Kandy Kroll 8/26/14
Dierama pulcherrimum Silky light pink; Evergreen perennial; sun; Angel’s FishingWand Julie Martinson 8/25/14
Dierama pulcherrimum White flowers; Angel’s Fishing Wand Saskia Schott 9/11/14
Dierama sp. Shorter flower wands’ Salmon pink flowers Saskia Schott 8/18/13
Digitalis ferruginea Golden brown with rusty streaks on 2’+ spikes; Fox glove; short lived perennial Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Digitalis trojana Pale yellow to cream large flowers on 1 1/2 ‘ spike; Foxglove; short lived perennial Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Disporum cantoniense Pendant pale greenish yellow flowers; black fruit. Striking plant to 3’+ Ron Ratko 11/18/13
Disporum hookeri Creamy white flowers; red fruits; Blue Mtns; Asotin Co WA 5000; Ron Ratko 8/28/14
Dodecatheon conjugens Bonneville Shooting Star; Kittitas County WA Wenatchee Mtns 6100’. Rose violet shooting stars on 6” stems Ron Ratko 8/4/13
Dodecatheon jeffreyi Clackamas County OR Cascade Mtns; Rose violet tall mountain shooting stars on 1’ stems Ron Ratko 9/3/13
Dodecatheon sp. Mixed species; Shooting Stars Bonnie Sharpe 8/3/13
Eccremmocarpus scaber ‘Tresco Sunset’ Pale salmon with warm yellow lip; Perennial vine dies down in hard winters Carrie Becker 7/17/13
Eccremocarpus scaber Bright orange wih every so slightly darker lips Bob Lilly 8/22/14
Eccremocarpus scaber Cerise red w/salmon tips; Slightly translucent perennial vine – this cv can get quite large Saskia Schott 8/8/13
Eccremocarpus scaber Cerise tubes with orange tips; Perennial herbaceous vine Saskia Schott 9/11/14
Elmora racemosa var puberulenta Alpine Heuchera relative pale yellow green flowers; Wenatchee Mtns Chelan Co WA 7000’ Ron Ratko 8/22/14
Erica sativa ‘Sylvetta’ Wild arugula; yellow flowers; deeply cut foliage. Lace leaf arugula L Haggerman 2014
Eruca sativa ‘Sylvetta’ or ‘Surry’ Lace leafed Arugula or wild Arugula; Annual; will seed about; “make Pesto” L. Haggerman Aug-14
Eryngium agavifolium Strap like leaves with wide spaced serrations; white flowers; dryable heads Elizabeth Gilham 2013
Eryngium giganteum Miss Wilmott’s Ghost. Dryable thistle like heads; Biennial very striking; can dry almost cream colored Carrie Becker 8/18/13
Eryngium planum ‘Blue Glitter’ Many small blue thistle-like flower heads. Leaves to 10” tal;l spike to 36” tall Julie Martinson 9/22/14
Eryngium variifolium Small flower heads on 2’+ complex stems; pale blue basal foliage is green with whitish veins CUH 9/23/13
Erythranthe lewisii (syn Mimulus lewisii)   Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns 6000’. To 3’ tall; rose red flowers; native monkey flower Ron Ratko 8/25/13
Erythronium grandiflorum (Glacier Lily). Kittitas County WA Wenatchee Mountains 5600’; Yellow with white anthers on 8” stems Ron Ratko 8/4/13
Eschscholzia californica California poppy. Orange flowers Elizabeth Gilham Aug-14
Euhorbia characias Evergreen but short lived perennial; Large flower heads of chartreuse flowers and bracts Sheila S. 2014
Euphorbia characias Large scale perennial bluish foliage and large heads of chartreuse flowers Sheila S Jun-13
Foeniculum vulgare The purple leafed fennel; Be sure to wed out green seedlings Alice Smith 9/7/13
Frasera albicaulis var albicaulis Yakima County WA Cascade Mountains 2400’; Lavender blue flowers; short to 10” tall Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Frasera albicaulis var albicaulis Yakima County WA Cascade Mountains 2400’; Lavender blue flowers; short to 10” tall Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Frasera speciosa Yakima County WA Cascade Mountains 6300’. Yellow green with purple spots to 3’+ tall Ron Ratko 8/12/13
Fritillaria pudica Small golden yellow flowers; 2-3” stems; dark green leaves. Native Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns 5000’ Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Fumaria officinalis Annual with pink flowers with black tips /lips . A charming ‘weaver’ Bob Lilly 2013
Fumaria officinalis “Earth Smoke” Annual ‘weaver’ with pink flowers with black lips; goes to seed by midsummer Bob Lilly 7/20/14
Gaura lindheimeri Nice maroon foliage; white flowers; This is a good vigorous form; seeds about Elizabeth Gilham 11/13/13
Gellenia trifoliata White star like flowers on thin stems atop a 3’+ plant. Long lived perennial Ron Ratko 8/25/12
Gentiana affinis var. ovata Josephine County OR Siskiyou Mtns 3900’. Up facing dark blue flowers with green spots; 10” tall Ron Ratko 9/18/13
Gentiana asclepiadea Blue flowered Willow Gentian Lynne Harrison 2014
Gentiana asclepiadea Blue willow gentian; Long lived clumping perennial M Pace 9/29/13
Gentiana asclepiadea Dark blue-purple arching flower sprays to 2 1/2 ‘ Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Gentiana asclepiadea ‘Rosea’ Pale red-violet with paler plaits; to 2 ½’ arching stems Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Gentiana asclepiadea var rosea Pale red violet with paler plaits to 2’ tall Ron Ratko 8/30/12
Gentiana calycosa var. calycosa Yakima County WA Cascade Mountains 6300’. Up facing dark blue spotted tubular flowers 6-8” tall Ron Ratko 9/11/13
Gentiana cruciata Pale blue to 10” Ron Ratko 8/30/12
Gentiana paradoxa Blue to 2 ½ ‘ tall Ron Ratko 10/21/12
Gentiana septemfida Blue tubular flowers on a lax plant; to about 4” Ron Ratko 9/3/12
Gentiana setigera Josephine County OR Siskiyou Mtns 1300’. Violet blue flowers; 10” tall Ron Ratko 9/19/13
Geranium cv. Pink wth red veins low growing; deeply cut leaves Lynne Harrison 7/12/13
Geranium pratense Mixed population; can be sorted as seedlings for dark foliage. Blue flowers. Naomi Shiff 7/2/14
Geranium pretense Dark leaf; deeply cut; blue flowers Kandy Kroll 7/12/14
Geranium psilostemon Large scale violet purple flowers with black markings at the base of the petals Julie Martinson 7/13/14
Geranium sp. Divided small leaves; to about 8” tall. Lavender purple flowers Kandy Kroll 7/27/14
Geranium sp. Divided small leaves; to about 8” tall. Lavender purple flowers Kandy Kroll 7/27/14
Geranium sp. (G. endresii type) Pink flowers large herbaceous perennial Lynne Harrison 8/21/13
Geum coccineum ‘Koi’ Short orange flowered Geum Sheila S Aug-14
Gilia capitata (Bluebend gilia) Linn County OR Cascade Mtns 5400’; Annual to 10” tall; lavender blue flowers Ron Ratko 9/15/13
Grindelia integrifolia Gum weed; aromatic; Pierce County WA Fox Island; 3’ tall; yellow flowers Ron Ratko 10/30/13
Gunnera tinctoria Very small green flowers; Leaves spiny and dramatic to 3-4’ across Ron Ratko 11/27/13
Hedychium coccineum Hardy Ginger Greg Siemens 2012
Helleborus corsicus It’s still from Corsica! Good upright compact form. Very old clump. Anne Potter 2014
Heracleum maximum Native Cow Parsnip. Yakima County WA; Cascade Mtns. Flat white umbels to 3-6’ tall; needs lots of water in spring Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Heuchera cylindrica ‘Greenfinch’ Green flowers on stiff upright stems above green foliage Susan Carter 6/18/13
Heuchera cylindrica var glabella Pale yellow flowers on 10-12” spikes above foliage crown. Pend Oreille Co; WA Ron Ratko 9/29/12
Heuchera micrantha Small white flowers above foliage on 1’+ spikes. Native Lane County OR; Cascade Range; 1000’+/- Ron Ratko 9/16/13
Heuchera micrantha (Native crevice alum root).   Lane County OR Cascade Mtns; white flowers on 8-10” spikes above basal foliage Ron Ratko 9/16/13
Heuchera micrantha var. diversifolia Bronze foliage fl white on 1’ spikes; Cascade Range Kittitas Co WA 4400’ Ron Ratko 8/22/14
Heuchera richardsonii Small greenish yellow flowers on 18” stems above foliage crown Ron Ratko 8/5/12
Heuchera villosa White flowers on 18” spikes above shiny bronze-purple leaves Ron Ratko 9/7/12
Horkelia sericata Josephine County OR Siskiyou Mountains 1400’ White flowers; short; to 4-6” tall Ron Ratko 9/19/13
Hosta sieboldiana ‘Mira’ A very large leafed Blue Green Hosta; Blue flowers on 2’+ stems very old cv. M Pace 10/17/13
Hyacinthoides non-scripta True English Blue Bells; Will colonize easily Saskia Schott 7/6/14
Impatiens sp Pale yellow pocket like flowers with fragrance; dull green leaves; 3’ +/- tall plants; annual; seeds scatter Bob Lilly 2013
Incarvillea zhongdianensis Intense pink flowers above foliage; Perennial with good drainage Bonnie Sharpe 2013
Inula magnifica Thin yellow ray petals on a large scale plant to 3’+ Ron Ratko 9/1/12
Iris chrysographes Purple black flowers; to 18” tall Ron Ratko 9/12/12
Iris douglasiana Native blue Iris; Evergreen foliage? Ron Ratko 10/20/12
Iris germanica Early blue flowers Georgetown Jul-14
Iris Louisiana hybrid Violet blue to 1 ½’ tall Ron Ratko 10/10/13
Iris missouriensis Lavender blue flowers; leaves and stems to 1 ½‘; Yakima County WA Eastern foothills +/- 2000’ Ron Ratko 9/16/13
Iris missouriensis Yakima County WA Eastern Cascade foothills; 2300’. Native Iris; Lavender blue flrs; clumping; pale green leaves Ron Ratako 8/4/13
Iris Pacific Coast hybrid Lavender blue; to 15” tall Ron Ratko 8/12/12
Iris Pacific Coast hybrid Red violet with maroon and yellow markings; to 12” tall Ron Ratko 8/12/12
Iris sibirica Lynne Harrison 2013
Iris versicolor Blue-violet to 1 ½’ tall Ron Ratko 2013
Jeffersonia diphylla Rare long lived perennial; White flowers just in foliage; Curious seed pods Ron Ratko 8/1/12
Jeffersonia diphylla Rare long lived perennial White flowers just in foliage Curious seed pods Ron Ratko 8/1/12
Knautia ‘Jefferson Park’ Pale lavender blue flowers on long stems. Larger and not branched Kandy Kroll 8/10/14
Knautia ‘Jefferson Park’. Long lived perennial hybrid from seed. Pale lavender blue on long thin stems Kandy Kroll and HPSW 8/17/13
Knautia macedonica ‘Melton Pastels ‘. Pastel garnet to pink ; Parent was a ‘warm raspberry pink’ Julie Martinson 7/17/13
Knautia macedonica ‘Melton Pastels’ Short lived scabiosa-like flowers in carmine pastels + bright warm pinks Julie Martinson 7/5/14
Kniphofia uvaria Red Hot Poker Kandy Kroll 8/26/14
Koelreuteria paniculata Golden Rain Tree; Inflated papery seed pods Alice Smith 10/30/13
Lamium orvala Large pink-flowered Dead Nettle. Makes nice large clumps R Grabeal 7/27/14
Lamium orvala Largest flowering of the “Dead Nettles”; White or purple pink plant to 2’ or so Ron Ratko 8/5/12
Lathyrus latifolius Big wild pea; white or pink; Roadside plant Bob Lilly 2014
Lathyrus odoratus Peach flowers; long stems; Sweet pea Julie Martinson 8/25/14
Lathyrus odoratus ‘Cupani’ Purple and darker purple bi-color flowers; Heirloom Sweet Pea Julie Martinson 5/26/14
Lathyrus sativus Charming annual flue flowered pea; to about 3’+ curious angular seeds Bonnie Sharpe 2013
Lathyrus sativus The blue flowered pea; Small blue flowers. Annual vine to 3’+. Curious angular seeds Bob Lilly 2013
Lathyrus vernus The Spring Vetchling standard purple/blue color. Long lived perennial pea. Bob Lilly Jul-13
Lavatera olbia Lavender pink flowers; Short lived shrubby 3’+ Ron Ratko 2013
Lepechinia hastata Aromatic foliage to 18” with wide spikes of maroon pink flowers. Perennial. Bob Lilly 9/2/13
Lepechinia hastata Aromatic foliage to 18” with wide spikes to 3’ of maroon pink flowers. Perennial. Bob Lilly 9/2/13
Lepechinia hastata Perennial/ salvia-like with pale maroon flowers in large inflorescnces grey green foliage aromatic Saskia Schott 9/8/13
Lepidum sativum Cress; annual green Bonnie Sharpe 2013
Levisticum officinale Lovage. “Soup’s on” Bonnie Sharpe 8/11/13
Lewisia columbianum var columbiana Narrow leaf Lewisia; small pink flowers on 1’+ stems; Wenatchee Mtns Kittitas Co WA 6000’ Ron Ratko 8/21/14
Lewisia columbianum var rupicola Narrow leaf Lewisia; small pink flowers on 1’+ stems; Blue Mtns Wallowa Co OR 6000’ Ron Ratko 7/17/14
Lewisia cotyledon Mixed colors Bob Lilly 2014
Lewisia cotyledon Mixed colors Bob Lilly June/July 2013
Lewisia cotyledon hybrids; Mixed colors Chris Diehl 2014
Lewisia pygmaea Yakima County WA; Cascade Mountains 6900’. White flowers; very low growing bake in summer Ron Ratko 8/25/13
Leycesteria formosa ‘Gold Leaf’ The golden leaf form of Himalayan Honeysuckle. White flowers; red bracts; fleshy berries. Washed seed! Ron Ratko 10/15/13
Lilium canadense Buff yellow tiger lily type; to 5’ tall Ron Ratko 10/10/12
Lilium columbianum Native Tiger Lily; yellow orange flowers with dk red spots; to 2½‘ or so to top of flower stem Ron Ratko 9/12/13
Lilium columbianum Wild collected Snoqualmie Pass; Native Tiger Lily up to 3’ tall Sylvia Duryee 2013
Lilium columbianum Yellow orange tiger lily; can get over 3’ tall; Native from Entiat Mtns Chelan Co WA Ron Ratko 10/1/12
Lilium columbianum (Tiger Lily type) Klickitat County WA; Cascade Mountains 2600’. Yellow orange with dark red spots about 3’ tall Ron Ratko 9/12/13
Lilium pricei White maroon striped trumpets; dark green foliage; extremely fragrant to 2’+ tall Ron Ratko 8/14/12
Lilium regale Large white fragrant flowers on 3’+ stems Ron Ratko 2013
Lilium washingtonianum subsp. purpurascens. Clackamas County WA Cascade Mountains 4500’; White with purple spots; to 3’ tall Ron Ratko 9/13/13
Limnanthes douglasii Native wild flower (California coastal); Annual to 4-5” tall; white and yellow flowers Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Linaria alpina Lavender-violet shades with orange palate. Short-lived but charming. Needs good drainage. Ron Ratko 9/9/12
Linaria alpina Hybrids; Mixed white yellow or purple with orange red or bronze throats. Short lived. Ron Ratko 2012
Linaria alpina Hybrids; White yellow or purple w/orange/ red/bronze throats; Very charming annual Ron Ratko 2013
Linaria purpurea Good dark purple Lynne Harrison 7/12/13
Linaria purpurea ‘Natascha’ More blue than purple flowers; Originally from Morning Glory Farms Elizabeth Gilham 2014
Linaria purpurea ‘Canon Went’ isolated very nice plant with pink flowers Bob Lilly 7/24/14
Lobelia x ‘Bruce Wakefield’ Yellow/orange flowers 3’ tall Ron Ratko 2013
Lobelia siphilitica Blue-flowered Lobelia to about 18” and it won’t cure it. Ron Ratko 9/15/12
Lobelia tupa Large salvia/lobelia like flowers red; Light green foliage in flower at 4’+ Ron Ratko 2013
Lobelia tupa Large scale perennial with red curious flowers Virginia Brewer 2013
Lobelia x ‘Bruce Wakefield’ Yellow/orange flowers 3’ tall Ron Ratko 2013
Lomatium dissectum var multifidum Kittitas County WA Eastern Cascade foothills 2000’. Brownish purple flower heads to 2’ +/- Ron Ratko 8/14/13
Lomatium geyeri (Geyer’s Biscuit Root)   Kittitas County WA Wenatchee Mountains 6100’. Prostrate rosettes to 2-3”; white flowers Ron Ratko 8/4/13
Lomatium greyi Yakima County WA Eastern Cascade foothills 2700’. To about 1’ tall; yellow flowers. Ron Ratko 8/14/13
Lomatium greyi Yellow flowers; fine blue green foliage to 6”; Yakima County; WA Eastern foothills 2000’ Ron Ratko 8/14/13
Lomatium macrocarpum Josephine County OR Siskiyou Mountains 4500’. Finely dissected foliage; purplish white flowers; short Ron Ratko 9/18/13
Lomatium macrocarpum Purplish white flowers; finely dissected foliage. Siskiyou Mtns OR 4000’ Ron Ratko 9/18/13
Lomatium macrocarpum Yakima County WA Cascade Mountains 4900’. Finely divided foliage; purplish white flowers; short Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Lomatium macrocarpum Yakima County; WA Cascade Mtns 4500’. Creamy white flowers; to 6”; finely divided foliage Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Lomatium nudicale Yakima county WA Cascade Mtns 3300’; Yellow flowers 1-2’ tall Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Lomatium nudicale Yellow flowers; small plant to 10”; Yakima County; WA 3000’ Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Lupinus arboreus Purple flowered wood Lupine; Needs perfect drainage Coral Wilde 6/30/13
Lupinus polyphyllus Blue-purple Lupine to about 2′ tall. Short-lived but worthy perennial. Ron Ratko 8/24/12
Luzula nivea White flowered wood rush Ron Ratko 2013
Lychnis chalcedonica Bright red to 2 ½’ perennial; Iron Cross Flower. Ron Ratko 8/8/12
Lychnis chalcedonica ‘Carnea’ Flesh pink Iron Cross Flower to 2 ½’ tall. Ron Ratko 8/8/12
Lychnis coronaria Deep pink flowers; larger seed sorted out on this crop for packets E. Joan Bayley 8/21/14
Lychnis coronaria Standard deep pink flowers; Felty gray basal foliage Lynne Harrison 8/17/14
Lychnis coronaria White flowered Agrostemma; Nice grey felted basal leaves Lynne Harrison 9/20/13
Lychnis flos-jovis Pink flowers to about 1′ tall. Ron Ratko 7/25/12
Lysimachia ephemerum Blue foliage; white flowers on 2’+ spikes. Likes it wet Nancy P. 9/10/13
Malva moschata v. alba Easy perennial holly hock like; with small light white flowers Bonnie Sharpe 2013
Matthiola Purple flowered perennial; fragrant; Short lived semi-woody perennial Lynne Harrison 2013
Meconopsis betonicifolia The blue poppy of Tibet Virginia Brewer 9/12/13
Melittis melissophyllum Finally seed! Pink and white flowers in leaf axils early spring; foliage s pots through summer Alice Smith 2014
Mentzelia laevicaulis var. laevicaulis Yellow flower to about 1 ½’ tall. Wenas Valley; Yakima Co.; WA 2275′ Ron Ratko 6/25/12
Micranthes odontolomo Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns 5200’ 6-8” tall; white flowers Ron Ratko 8/24/13
Milium effusum ‘Aureum’ Golden chartreuse grass. Short lived; seeds about. The best of the graceful “scrim” plants Bob Lilly Jun-14
Milium effusum ‘Aureum’ Golden chartreuse grass. Short lived; seeds about. The best of the graceful “scrim” plants Lynne Harrison 9/6/14
Milium effusum ‘Aureum’ Short lived grass with golden leaves and a graceful inflorescence shiny gold seeds Bob Lilly/Julie Martinson 2013
Milium effusum ‘Aureum’ Wonderful short lived grass with chartreuse foliage and airy seed heads Bob Lilly 2013
Milium effusum ‘Aureum’ Yellow to chartreuse short lived grass with graceful seed heads; a nice scrim for the border Bob Lilly 2014
Milium effusum ‘Aureum’ Yellow to chartreuse short lived grass with graceful seed heads; a nice scrim for the border Julie Martinson 7/7/14
Mimulus aurantiacus cv. Red-orange flowers; a bit tender; Hybrid of a California native Carrie Becker 2013
Mimulus cardinalis Red Monkey Flower to about 1′ (large flowers). Ron Ratko 2012
Mimulus cardinalis Yellow-gold Monkey Flower. Floppy buy perennial at base to 1′ Ron Ratko 2012
Mimulus cardinalis ‘Golden Form’ Gold flowers on a sprawling plant; Perennial but tender (from Annie’s Annuals) Saskia Schott 9/19/13
Mimulus lewisii Pink flowers; native mountain Monkey Flower. Likes it wet in spring; perennial Eva Banbury Aug-14
Mimulus lewisii (syn Erythranthe) Monkey flower rose red flowers moist soil; Blue Mtns Umatilla Co OR 5300’ Ron Ratko 8/30/14
Mirabilis jalapa Four O’Clocks; Fragrant in evenings; Can live over with a large woody root Bob Lilly 9/21/13
Mirabilis jalapa Four O’Clocks; perennial root; Mixed colors (no white); flowers are fragrant open +/- 4pm Bob Lilly 2013
Mitella breweri Ground cover for shade with tiny; green flowers on wiry spikes HPSW 2013
Monarda odoratissima var. discolor Red-violet flowers; short plant; Yakima County WA 4500’ Ron Ratko 8/24/13
Monardella odoratissima ssp. discolor Rose-violet flowers; less than 1′ tall. Bethel Ridge; Yakima Co.; WA 3000′ Ron Ratko 9/25/12
Monardella odoratissima var odoratissima Low growing fl to 8-10” lavender violet ‘Mountain Penny Royal’; Blue Mtns OR 5000’ Ron Ratko 8/29/14
Monardella odoratissima var. discolor Aromatic foliage; Yakima County WA; Coast Range; 6300’; 5-6” tall; red-violet flowers Ron Ratko 8/24/13
Mondarda didyma Purple flowered Bee Balm Saskia Schott 9/11/14
Morca iridioides (Fortnight Lily) Evergreen iris like plant; white flowers just above 2’ +/- foliage Ruthie G. 8/1/13
Nectaroscordum siculum Allium relative with large nodding pink; green; and cream flowers in umbel on 2-3’ stems Bob Lilly xxxxx
Nemesia ‘Royal Blue’ Annual blue flowered Nemesia; Small flowers; fragrant Carrie Becker 7/19/12
Nemophila menziesii ‘Penny Black’ Dark flowered California native wild flower. Annual to 6-8” tall Bonnie Sharpe 7/1/13
Nepeta cv. Yellow flowered semi-evergreen sub shrub Lynne Harrison 8/21/13
Nepeta govaniana Yellow flowered cat mint; Semi shrubby perennial herbaceous Lynne Harrison 9/16/14
Nepeta racemosa Lavender blue flowers 2-2 ½’ tall Ron Ratko 2013
Nicotiana alata ’Tinkerbell’ Dusky rose petals with lime green backs; to 36” tall; originally from Langley Fine Gardens Carrie Becker 10/5/13
Nicotiana alata ‘Sensation Purple’ Dark purple flowers 2 to 2 ½’ tall; Annual Carrie Becker 10/5/13
Nicotiana alata ‘Tinkerbell’ Flowering tobacco. Chartreuse throat with red reverse and blue pollen. Annual. 2-3’ tall. Carrie Becker 8/16/13
Nicotiana alata Sensation Group Rich red flowers on 24-30: stalks; Flowering tobacco Carrie Becker 10/5/13
Nicotiana langsdorffii The green flowering tobacco; Open and airy; long green tubular flowers Carol Ager 10/19/13
Nicotiana mutabilis Annual or short lived perennial to 3’+; Flowers phase through white pink rose Ron Ratko 2013
Nicotiana mutabilis Flowering tobacco with white; pink and hot pink flowers all at the same time Saskia Schott Aug-14
Nicotiana mutabilis Pink/cerise and white flowers all at the same time; Flowering Tobacco; hardy in hot locations Saskia Schott 2014
Nicotiana mutabilis Pink/hot pink and white flowers all at the same time; Flowering Tobacco semi-perennial Saskia Schott 7/24/14
Nicotiana mutabilis Rose violet; rose; and white flowers (on a fading schedule) on 3’ plants. Semi-hardy annual. Ron Ratko 7/15/12
Nicotiana sylvestris Annual to 5’ tall pendant long tubular white flowers are really fragrant Julie Martinson 11/11/13
Nicotiana sylvestris Large annual with pendant long tubular white flowers. Fragrant Ron Ratko 9/25/13
Nicotiana alata ‘Tinkerbell’ Dusky rose petals with lime green backs; to 36” tall; originally from Langley Fine Gardens Carrie Becker 10/5/13
Nigella damascena Love in a Mist. Curious seed pods (edible seed). Annual with thread like leaves and blue flowers Julie Martinson 2014
Nigella damsacena Sky blue annual; Love-in-a-Mist Julie Martinson 9/2/13
Nothochelone nemorosa (Penstemon) Skamania Co WA; Cascade Mountains; 4200’; 2 to 2 ½‘ tall; violet flowers; turtlehead Ron Ratko 9/13/13
Numex flexuosus Unusual prostrate perennial with brown leaves Bob Lilly 2013
Numex hydrolapathum The giant Dock. Sets little seed. To 3-5’. Leaves are 1 1/2‘ long to 10” wide Bob Lilly 2013
Ocimum basilicum Large Leaf Basil; Sweet Basil; Good strong parents Bob Lilly 9/19/13
Ocimum basilicum Lemon Basil good strong form; Annual Herb Bob Lilly 9/9/12
Oenothera ‘Lemon Sunset’ Sun to 3’ tall; Large soft yellow flowers age to coppery red Carrie Becker 8/6/13
Ophiopogon clarkei Dense grass like evergreen perennial; to about 12-14” blue fruit CUH Fragrance Garden 9/23/13
Ophiopogon clarkei To about 12”; evergreen with white flowers and blue fruit; makes dense grass-like stands (dried fruit/berry) CUH 9/23/13
Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ Black Mondo grass; Dried berry Lynne Hagerman 10/21/13
Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’ Black Mondo Grass – Black fruit; Washed seed (some variation in seedlings foliage color) Ron Ratko 10/28/13
Oreocarya thompsonii Kittitas County WA Wenatchee Mtns 5800’; to 1’ tall; white flowers; a bit fuzzy Ron Ratko 8/11/13
Origanum cv. Perennial ornamental oregano; Flowers on 18” stems various from pink to white M Pace 2013
Orthocarpus cuspidatus subsp. cuspidatus Jackson County Oregon Siskiyou Mountains 6700’; to 1’ tall; white flowers; with purplish red bracts Ron Ratko 9/20/13
Orthocarpus imbricatus Linn County OR Cascade Mtns 5000’; To 1’ tall; white with pink purple bracts Ron Ratko 9/15/13
Pachyphragma macrophyllum White flowers above large rich green leaves. Semi-evergreen perennial. Ron Ratko 2012
Paeonia obovata var alba Single white; to about 2’ tall; foliage; emerges from ground a dark maroon. Ron Ratko 9/10/12
Paeonia suffruticosa Tree Peony pure ice white flowers; Seeds are rare here Coral Wilde 10/30/13
Papaver atlanticum ‘Flore Pleno’ Double orange flowers on long stems above grey-green foliage Virginia Brewer 6/23/14
Papaver orientale Oriental poppy mix salmon and orange House of Huu Sep-14
Papaver rhoeas Red-flowered field or corn poppy; Annual Monet made famous Virginia Brewer 7/9/13
Papaver somniferum Double dark red flowers; blue green foliage; flowers atop a 2-3’ plant Ron Ratko 8/15/12
Papaver somniferum Standard pink with dark blue blotch Kandy Kroll 8/14/14
Papaver somniferum Single mix lavender; red; grape. Overwintered seedlings will get 3′ tall. Ron Ratko 8/15/12
Papaver somniferum ‘Boudoir Babe’ Deep burgundy red; double and frilled Annual poppy; broadcast seed in fall and spring Elizabeth Gilham 2013
Papaver somniferum ‘Boudoir Babe’ Shredded and doubled purple and red; crepe paper like flowers on this annual poppy Elizabeth Gilham 8/12/14
Parahebe sp Flowers pale pink to white on an evergreen low shrub with small dark green leaves Susan Carter 8/13/13
Patrinia gibbosa Similar to a perfect Solidago; Small yellow flowers to 2 ½’ tall Ron Ratko 9/10/12
Penstemon ‘Juan Jose’ Purple flowers to 24” tall Ron Ratko 12/19/13
Penstemon attenuates var. attenuates Blue violet flowers to 2 ½ – 3’ tall; Chelan County; WA Entiat Mtns 3500’ Ron Ratko 8/9/13
Penstemon attenuatus var. attenuatus Blue violet to 1’ tall; Native to ; Entiat Mts Chelan Co WA 5000+’ Ron Ratko 10/12/12
Penstemon cardwellii Bright purple flowers; to 1’ or so tall; Skamania County WA 3300’ Ron Ratko 9/12/13
Penstemon confertus Light yellow flowers to about   2 ½ ‘ tall; Kittitas Cnty WA Wenatchee Mtns 5400’ Ron Ratko 8/23/13
Penstemon cv. Small leaf pale lavender; paler inside; Semi-woody perennial CUH 8/8/13
Penstemon euglaucus Blue-purple flowers 8” short   plant; Clackamas Cnty OR Cascade Range 4000’ Ron Ratko 9/14/13
Penstemon fruiticosus var serratus Blue violet flowers; white throats; shrubby penstemon; Blue Mtns Garfield Co WA 5800’ Ron Ratko 8/27/14
Penstemon fruitocosus var scouleri Lavender violet to 5” tall; native to; Selkirk Mtns Stevens Co. WA 7000’+ Ron Ratko 9/29/12
Penstemon fruticosus var fruiticosus Lavender blue to 10” tall; native to Entiat Mtns Chelan Co WA 5000’+ Ron Ratko xxxxx
Penstemon fruticosus var fruiticosus Lavender or blue-purple flowers; to 12” Chelan County WA Entiat Mtns 3000’ Ron Ratko 8/10/13
Penstemon gairdneri var gairdneri Blue violet flowers above a mat of foliage 4-6”. Yakima County WA Cascade Range 3000’ Ron Ratko 8/14/13
Penstemon gairdneri var gairdneri Rose purple to 5” tall; native to Divide Ridge; Yakima Co. WA 3300’ Ron Ratko 9/26/12
Penstemon glandulosus var chelanensis Red purple to 1 ½’ tall; native to Divide Ridge Yakima Co WA 2900’ Ron Ratko 9/26/12
Penstemon globosus Flowers dark blue in round clusters top of foliage; Blue Mtns Wallowa Co OR 5700’ Ron Ratko 9/6/14
Penstemon hartwegii Pink flowers with white in throat; To 18” tall Ron Ratko 11/6/13
Penstemon parvulus Blue-purple flowers; 4-6” tall Siskiyou Mtns Jackson Cty OR Ron Ratko 9/21/13
Penstemon pinifolius Orange red flowers. Full sun. Semi evergreen w/narrow foliage. To 10-12” tall Ron Ratko 2013
Penstemon pinifolius Orange red tubular flowers on a lax plant with narrow evergreen leaves to 10” Ron Ratko 8/28/12
Penstemon procerus var. tolmiei Blue-purple flowers; 3-4” tall; Yakima County OR 6000’ Ron Ratko 8/25/13
Penstemon pruinosus Dark blue flowers; dwarf form; 8-10” tall. Kittitas Cnty WA Wenatchee Mountains 4000’+ Ron Ratko 9/10/13
Penstemon richardsonii var richardsonii Rose violet to 10-12” tall; native to Wenas Valley; Yakima Co WA 2200’ Ron Ratko 9/25/12
Penstemon rydbergii var rydbergii Blue Purple to 8-10” tall; native to Cash Prairie Yakima Co WA 5900’ Ron Ratko 9/15/12
Penstemon serrulatus Violet blue to 8-10”; native to Wenatchee Mtns Kittitas Co WA 4400’ Ron Ratko; 10/3/12
Penstemon speciosus Easy to grow semi-evergreen; sky blue flowers 1 – 1 ½ ‘ tall. Yakima Cnty; WA East Cascade Foothills 1800’ Ron Ratko 8/14/13
Penstemon subserratus Bright blue flowers; to 1’ tall; Klikitat County WA 2000’ Ron Ratko 9/12/13
Penstemon venustus Purple flowers on 1’+ spikes above foliage; Blue Mtns Garfield Co WA 4300’ Ron Ratko 8/25/14
Penstemon x gloxiniodes Lavender pink to 1 ½’ or so; Short lived perennial Ron Ratko 9/11/12
Penstemon x Mexicali ‘Red Rocks’ Rose red to 18”+ Ron Ratko 8/15/12
Perilla frutescens The really good Shisho. Green leaves with a purple reverse. Annual to 3’ Bob Lilly 2013
Persicaria bistorta ‘Superba’ Good ground cover; Persicaria red flowers tightly packed spikes Julie Martinson 7/7/13
Persicaria virginiana Variegated Group ‘Painter’s Palette’ The variegated leaf form. True from seed. Small red flowers on wiry stems on top of a 2-3’ plant CUH 9/23/13
Petroselinum crispum Common curled parsley Lynne Harrison 8/23/13
Petroselinum crispum Regular parsley curly leaf Lynne Harrison 8/23/13
Phacelia procera Greenish white flrs; plant gets 3’ tall; Jackson Cnty OR Siskiyou Mtns 6000’ Ron Ratko 9/21/13
Phacelia procera Jackson County OR Siskiyou Mtns 6800’. 3’+ tall; fowers greenish white Ron Ratko 9/21/13
Phacelia sericea var. sericea Blue purple flowers; 4-6” tall; Kittitas County WA Wenatchee Mtns 5000’ Ron Ratko 8/11/13
Phacelia sericea var. sericea Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns 6500’. 6-8” tall; flowers blue purple Ron Ratko 8/12/13
Phaseolus vulgaris ‘Borlotto’ Red and cream speckled and striped pole bean Bob Lilly 9/19/13
Phaseolus vulgaris ‘Boroletto Lingua di Fuco’ Pole Bean with striped pink and cream pods and speckled seeds Bob Lilly 2013
Phaseolus vulgaris ‘Royalty’ Purple podded pole bean; Good flavor; turns green if cooked Bob Lilly 2013
Phemeranthus spinescens Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns 3000’ 2-3” tall; flowers deep rose Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Phemeranthus spinescens Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns 3000’ 2-3” tall; flowers deep rose Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Phoenicaulis cheiranthoides Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns 3700’. To 6-8” tall; flowers purplish pink Ron Ratko 8/4/13
Phygelius x rectus ‘Salmon Leap’ Weakly salmon orange tubular flowers; Semi-woody perennial Lynne Harrison 8/23/13
Phytolacca americana Perennial to 8’ tall or more with red stems and black fruit in clusters. Washed seed Ron Ratko 10/16/13
Pisum sativum ‘Oregon Sugar’ Flat podded edible pod pea Bob Lilly 2013
Pisum sativum Golden Snow Pea The new flat podded yellow edible pod pea. Speckled seed Bob Lilly 7/15/13
Polemonium californicum Kittitas County WA Cascade Mtns 5700’. Lavender blue flowers on a short 3-6” tall plant Ron Ratko 8/14/13
Polemonium pauciflorum Dark yellow with red markings. A floppy plant but unusual color. Ron Ratko 9/14/12
Portalaca oleracea var. aurea Golden Purslane; grows flat to the ground; edible green (chartreuse) Bonnie Sharpe 10/15/13
Potenilla drummondii Dark yellow flowers; to 10” tall; Yakima County WA 5800’ Ron Ratko 9/11/13
Potentilla nepalensis Sprawling perennial to 2’ high; Purplish red flowers Ron Ratko 9/1/13
Potentilla atrosanguinea Small red flowered herbaceous perennial. Divided and cut leaves CUH Soest 9/7/14
Potentilla drummondii Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns; To 1’ tall; dark yellow flowers Ron Ratko 9/11/13
Potentilla nepalensis Purplish-red; decumbent to 2 ½’ Ron Ratko 2012
Potentilla nepalensis ‘Miss Wilmott’ Hottish pinkish small flowers in mass is very showy fall sun perennial CUH HPSW beds Aug-13
Poterium sanguisorba (syn. Sanguisorba minor)   Josephine County OR Siskiyou Mtns 700’; green/red fuzzy flower heads to 1’ tall (non-native) Ron Ratko 9/18/13
Primula alpicola White; yellow; violet forms.   1 ½’ in flower; broad basal foliage. Ron Ratko 2012
Primula burmanica x prolifera hybrids; Mixed yellow pink and red forms to 2′ in flower. Ron Ratko 2012
Primula florindae Large scale perennial Primrose. Flower clusters on 2’+ stems. Mixed colors yellow orange and red-bronze. Ron Ratko 2012
Primula japonica Red Candelabra Primrose Sylvia Duryee 7/4/13
Primula japonica Rose crimson violet shades. Candelabra Primrose flower stems to 2’+ tall. Ron Ratko 7/31/12
Primula japonica ‘Millers Crimson’ The Candelabra Primrose in red to 2′ in flower above large broad foliage. Ron Ratko 8/15/12
Primula japonica ‘Miller’s Crimson’ Candelabra primrose; likes it wet; Lots of seed to broadcast E. Banbury 13-Jul
Primula japonica (or cross) Caldelabra Primrose farinose pods; Probably orange flowered Sylvia Duryee 6/17/13
Primula poissonii Dark wine-red to 3′ tall with a gold eye. Candelabra Primrose. Ron Ratko 8/30/12
Primula prolifera Yellow to 2 1/2’+ tall Candelabra Primrose. Ron Ratko 7/25/12
Primula veris Dark reds oranges and yellows.   The Cowslip Primrose. Flower clusters on 8-10” stems. Ron Ratko 9/8/12
Primula waltonii Red purple on 1’+ stems. Pendant flared flowers. Ron Ratko 8/25/12
Primula x bulleesiana (hybrids) Mixed colors to 2′ tall in flower. Pinkish goldish yellow eye. One of the Candelabra Primroses. Ron Ratko 8/25/12
Pseudofumaria alba (Corydalis ochroleuca) Bright white with a yellow tip; flowers on top of fine foliage to about 1’+ Ron Ratko 8/15/12
Pseudopanax lossonii ‘Nigra’ Evergreen glossy leaf shrub Paul Smith 2013
Rainera stricta Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns; to 2’ +/- Yellow flowers Ron Ratko 8/24/13
Ranunculus orthorhynchus var. platyphyllus. Kittitas County WA Wenatchee Mtns 6000’; Decumbent; 1’+/- yellow flowers Ron Ratko 9/10/13
Rhodochiton atrosanguineus Annual trailing vine; with pink and deep purple flowers of a curious shape “Purple Bell Vine” Bob Lilly 8/2/14
Ribes sanguineum var glutinosum Shrub to 8’+ Pink flowers washed seed Ron Ratko 9/5/13
Rudbeckia fulgida var sullivantii ‘Goldsturm’ The good black eyed Susan. Makes large clumps; flower stems to about 18” Elizabeth Gilham 11/22/13
Rudbeckia glaucescens Josephine County OR Siskiyou Mtns 2300’. Up to 3’ tall; yellow flowers Ron Ratko 9/19/13
Rudbeckia occidentalis Green bracts; brown black cone; western or green cone flower; Blue Mtns Asotin Co WA 5800’ Ron Ratko 8/28/14
Salpiglossis sinuata ‘Chocolate Royal’ Maroon flowers; very dark; Annual “Painted Tongue” Joan Bayley 8/21/14
Salpiglottis sinuata ‘Chocolate Royale’ The dark maroon almost black annual ; ‘Painted Tongue’ Joan Bayley 2014
Salvia barrelieri Lavender-blue above large grey-green leaves to 3′ tall. Ron Ratko 8/10/12
Salvia coccinea ‘Forest Fire’ New annual Salvia; small red flowers with a dark maroon calyx; prolific Joan Bayley 8/21/14
Salvia cv. Flowers are magenta pink. ; Semi shrubby/ sub shrub Julie Martinson 2013
Salvia dorrii subsp. incana Blue violet flowers; bracts purplish; to 2’+; Yakima County Cascade Foothills Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Salvia dorrii subsp. incana Yakima County WA Eastern Cascade foothills 2400’. To about 2’ tall; purplish flowers with blue violet bracts Ron Ratko 8/3/13
Salvia microphylla ‘La Fleur’ Red flowers; old plant; Woody perennial Pacific Topsoils; Bellevue 2013
Salvia patens Good mid Blue large flowers for a Salvia;. hardy perennial Meg HBN 9/1/13
Salvia patens Large flowered blue Salvia; This is a nice compact upright perennial Bob Lilly 8/18/13
Salvia patens Sky blue large flowers on 18” spikes Julie Martinson 9/2/13
Salvia pratensis Dark blue flowers; Foliage to +/- 2’ Ron Ratko 7/26/13
Salvia pratensis Dark blue to 3′ tall. Flower spikes to 8-10” above basal foliage. Ron Ratko 8/10/12
Saruma henryi Grey Bronze new foliage in spring; Yellow solitary flowers in summer Alice Smith 6/24/14
Saxifraga odontoloma Native. White to about 1′   Yakima Co; WA 5000′ Ron Ratko 9/25/12
Scilla non-scripta (Hyacinthoides) Common Blue Bells; English type Lynne Harrison 7/12/13
Scilla peruviana Immense heads of blue flowers; from western Mediterranean Lynne Harrison 7/12/13
Scrophularia auriculata This is the non-variegated form; Good late flowered bee plant; small red flowers Lynne Harrison 8/23/13
Sedum laxum subsp. laxum Josephine Cnty OR Siskiyou Mtns 4400’. Short; to 3-6” tall; pinkish white flowers Ron Ratko 9/18/13
Senecio serra var. serra Star daisy tall ragwort perennial yellow to 3’ tall; Cascade Range Yakima Co WA 5600’ Ron Ratko 8/11/14
Seutellaria altissima Blue-purple with white flowers on long spikes above foliage to 1 ½’ or so. Ron Ratko 8/13/12
Sidalcea oregana subsp. spicata Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns 3800’ To 1’ tall; pink flowers Ron Ratko 8/13/13
Sisyrinchium striatum Iris like plant; green leaves; yellow flowers densely on 30” stems Bob Lilly 8/27/13
Smyrnium perfoliatum Deciduous summer dormant perennial that evolved to look like Euphorbia c. to goats Bob Lilly 7/20/14
Smyrnium perfoliatum Ephemeral perennial; Chartreuse flower heads Bob Lilly Jul-13
Solanum aviculare Washed seed; Short lived plant but can get to 3’+ in one season ‘Kangaroo Apple’ Bob Lilly Aug-13
Solidago velutina subsp. californica Josephine County OR Siskiyou Mtns 4600’. +/- 1’ tall; yellow flowers Ron Ratko 9/19/13
Stanleya viridiflora (Green Princes Plume) short lived mustard relative green yellow flowers 2’+/- tall Hells Canyon Baker Co OR 2100’ Ron Ratko 9/7/14
Stenotus lanuginosus var. lanuginosus Kittitas County WA Wenatchee Mtns 6100’. Very short; yellow flowers Ron Ratko 8/4/13
Symphotrichum spathulatum var. intermedium. Lane County OR Cascade Mtns 4800’.To 2’ tall; lavender blue flowers Ron Ratko 9/16/13
Symphotrichum spathulatum var. spathulatum. Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns. This is an aster to 6-8” tall; lavender blue flowers Ron Ratko 8/25/13
Synthyris missurica Bright blue flowers above foliage “tailed kitten tails”; Blue Mtns Umatilla Co OR 4900’ Ron Ratko 7/16/14
Tagetes patula ‘Cinnabar’ Annual marigold; single flowers; Original plant from Steamboat Island Nursery Bonnie Sharpe 8/20/13
Tagetes patula ‘Harlequin’ Nice banded yellow and deep marigold maroon. Annual marigold Coral Wilde 14-Sep
Talinum paniculatum Jewels of Opar Annual chartreuse leaves; tiny pink flowers and red to black seed pods Bob Lilly 10/17/12
Tellima grandiflora Native clumping woodland perennial. Green flowers on 1’ tall spikes Saskia Schott 6/28/14
Thalictrum rochebrunianum Tall lavender pink flowered Meadow Rue Bonnie Sharpe 9/18/13
Thermopsis montana var ovata Yellow flowers; clumping perennial lupine relative; Seven Devils Mtns Idaho Co ID 5300’ Ron Ratko 9/8/14
Toxicoscordion paniculatum Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns 6200’. To about 1’ tall; creamy white flowers Ron Ratko 8/12/13
Trauvetteria carolinensis False bugbane; white fuzzy flowers on 3’+ stems; Blue Mtns Umatillo Co OR 5000’ Ron Ratko 8/31/14
Triantha occidentalis subsp. occidentalis Jackson County OR Siskiyou Mtns 6700’. To about 1’ tall; white flowers Ron Ratko 9/20/13
Tricyrtis sp. (sinonome or hirta?) Large leaf; late flowering toad lily to 3’ or so; up facing flowers Saskia Schott 9/8/13
Tulipa clusiana var. chrysantha Midseason Red/white Julie Martinson 2013
Uncinia rubra ‘Belinda’s Find’ Glossy red and bronze leaves; Evergreen grass to 6-8” tall Ron Ratko 9/25/13
Valeriana officinalis White fragrant flowers to about 2 ½ to 3’ tall. Calm down!! Ron Ratko 8/20/13
Vancouveria hexandra The inside out flower; Native ground cover Naomi Shiff Jul-13
Veratrum californicum var californicum White flower spikes to 6’; Western false hellebore; Blue Mtns Wallowa Co OR 5600’ Ron Ratko 9/6/14
Veratrum insolitum Josephine County OR Siskiyou Mtns 1900’. 3’+ tall; lg leaves; white flowers Ron Ratko 9/19/13
Veratrum insolitum White flower spikes; reaches 3-4’ tall Josephine Cty OR Siskiyou Mtns 2000’ Ron Ratko 9/19/13
Verbascum chaixii ‘Album’ Reliable perennial Verbascum; Dark green leaves; flower spikes to 3’ or so Carrie Becker 2013
Verbascum chaixii ‘Album’ The perennial white flowered Mullein Julie Martinson 9/20/14
Verbascum cv. White flowers spaced 1” apart on 2’ spike. Purple fuzz on anther stems. Lynne Harrison 8/16/14
Verbena bonariensis The best scrim plant to fill gaps in the perennial border; purple flowers Virginia Brewer 2013
Verbena bonariensis ‘Lollipop’ A dwarf form of this scrim plant; light purple flowers to 2’ or so; short lived Bob Lilly Aug-14
Veronica wormskjoldii Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns 6300’. Short; to about 6-10” tall; blue violet flowers Ron Ratko 8/25/13
Viola adunca (green form of V. labradorica)   Native violet; aggressive seeder but a good groundcover; violet flowers;green foliage Alice Smith 2014
Vitis vinifera ‘Purpurea’ Foliage is purple; grapes are purple; Ornamental vine. Washed seed. Ron Ratko 9/6/13
Wyethia amplexiaulis Yakima County WA Cascade Mtns 3800’. Broad foliage at base to about 1½‘; yellow flower above Ron Ratko 8/13/13
Xerophyllum tenax Bear Grass; thin strap like foliage; white flowers on 3’+ spikes; evergreen; Yakima County WA Cascade Range 1800’ Ron Ratko 9/12/13
Xerophyllum tenax Native Bear Grass; creamy white flowers; fat spikes to 3’ Snoqualmie Pass 4500’ Sylvia Duryee 9/5/13
Xerophyllum tenax (Bear Grass) Skamania County WA Cascade Mtns 3200’. Narrow basal tuft of foliage; flower spikes to 3’+ if not eaten! White flowers Ron Ratko 9/12/13
Zinnia cv. Small red simple flowers Virginia Brewer 10/18/12