HPSW Meeting –November 21st 7-9m Rick Kyper of the Evergreen Chrysanthemum Group

Rick Kyper of the Evergreen Chrysanthemum group will giimgresve a talk on Chrysanthemums, their culture  and classification

Evergreen Chrysanthemum Association

“Chrysanthemum growing is a fun hobby, even if you just learn to take a few cuttings from last year’s plants to put in your yard for the fall riot of color. Or you can up your game and learn to grow exhibition mums ”

Meeting at Center for Urban Horticulture;  NHS Hall Section A,

3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105  MAP

Doors open at 6:30 for Seed Sales and food & socializing .

Fall Perennials Propagation Workshop October 29th – 10am to 4pm


Fall Perennials Propagation Workshop October 29th – 10am  to 4pm

Learn tricks of the trade from plant expert Bob Lilly. Overview of proper preparation begins promptly at 10am. Then we dive into division basics of key perennial types — no admittance after 11am. 

The basics will include Hosta, Pachyphragma, Crocosmia, Aconitum, Lilies, Polygonatum, Iris, Ophiopogon and more. We will also do hands-on winter prep on our perennials, techniques which can be used to help your garden thrive. Bulb planting in pots and methods. Lots of extras to take home and pot up or plant out in your own garden! General winterizing, apples to sample, bring one or two questions on separate pieces of paper to try to stump us. Bring a sack lunch which will be inside at 1pm. Dress well for wet weather although we will be under cover as much as possible.

Email us at pr@hardyplantsocietywa.org to reserve your space; limited to first 15.  Workshop to be held in Shoreline 

$20 non-members, $10 members. 

Bulb Sale 2016 Availability

Hardy Plant Society of Washington
6th Annual Fall Bulb and Plant Sale

Sunday Oct 9, 2016, 10 am – 2 pm

Center for Urban Horticulture
3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105

Tulipa Virichic

[Download entire file: 2016 Bulb Sale Availability XLS]

Allium'Gladiator36 in.rose-purpleMid-Late25
Allium'Hair'18 in.green-pinkLate52.5
Allium'Purple Sensation'30 in.purpleLate54
Allium'Summer Drummer'48 in.purple-whiteLate24
Alliumamplectens 'Graceful Beauty'12-16 in.whiteLate54.5
Alliumatropurpureum12-24 in.v dark purpleVery Late 55.5
Alliumazureum20-24 in.azure blueVery Late 51.5
Alliumbulgaricum32 in.purple-white-greenLate52.5
Alliumchristophii14 in.purpleLate54
Alliumcowanii 24 in.whiteMid102.5
Alliumflavum12 in.yellowMid-Late23.5
Alliumkarataviense8 in.purple-pinkMid54
Alliumkarataviense ‘Ivory Queen’8 in.whiteMid55
Alliummoly Jeannineto 12 in.yellowVery late102
Alliumneapolitanum14-18 in.whiteMid-Late102
Alliumnigrum18-24 in.whiteLate53.5
Alliumoreophilum6-8 in.pinkMid-Late102
Alliumschubertii20 in.purpleLate25
Alliumsphaerocephalon24 in.purpleLate102
Alliumunifolium12-24 in.pinkLate102
Brodiaea'Babylon'24 in.pinkLate56
Brodiaea'Rudy'18 in.blueMid53.5
Brodiaeaixiodes 'Pink Diamond'24 in.pinkMid53.5
Brodiaealaxa 'Corrina'14 in.deep blue-violetLate Spring102
Brodiaealaxa 'Silver Queen'18 in.whiteLate54
Brodiaea laxa coccinea24 in.reddish-violetLate Spring53.5
Camassiaquamash18 in.light blueLate Spring103
Camassiaquamash 'Orion'15 in.deep violet blueLate Spring103
Chionodoxaforbesii 'Blue Giant'to 12 in.light blueVery Early53
Chionodoxaforbesii 'Pink Giant'6-8 in.light pinkVery Early51.5
Chionodoxaluciliae8 in.purple-whiteMid102
Chionodoxaluciliae 'Violet Beauty'5-6 in.pink-violetEarly103
Chionodoxaluciliae albato 12 in.whiteEarly103
Chionodoxasardensis4 in.blueEarly104
Corydalissolida6 in.lavenderEarly53.5
Crocus[Botanical]biflorus 'Miss Vain'4 in.whiteEarly103
Crocus[Botanical]biflorus 'Spring Beauty'4 in.white-purpleEarly103
Crocus[Botanical]chrysanthus 'Blue Pearl'3-4 in.blueEarly103
Crocus[Botanical]chrysanthus 'Cream Beauty'3 in.creamEarly103
Crocus[Botanical]chrysanthus 'Goldilocks'to 12 in.yellowEarly103
Crocus[Botanical]etruscus 'Zwanenburg'4 in.dark bronzeEarly51.5
Crocus[Botanical]sieberi 'Firefly'4 in.lavenderEarly103
Crocus[Botanical]sieberi 'Tricolor'4 in.blue-white-yellowEarly103
Crocus[Botanical]tommasinianus4 in.lavenderEarly
Crocus[Botanical]tommasinianus 'Barr's Purple'4 in.purpleEarly103
Crocus[Botanical]tommasinianus 'Lilac Beauty'4 in.lavenderEarly103
Crocus[Botanical]tommasinianus 'Ruby Giant'3-6 in.deep violet-purpleEarly53
Crocus[Botanical]tommasinianus roseus4 in.rose-violetEarly52.5
Crocus[Dutch]vernus 'Vanguard'4 in.lavenderEarly52.5
Eranthishyemalis4 in.yellowEarly104
Fritillariaacmopetala12-18 in.pale green-purpleMid56
Fritillariameleagris8 in.white-purple mixEarly103
Fritillariamichailovskyi6 in.deep purplish brown-yellownMid-Late54.5
Fritillariapontica12 in.lime green-maroonMid55
Fritillariauva-vulpis10 in.yellow-purpleMid52.5
Galanthuselwesii8 in.white-greenEarly54
Galanthusnivalis 'Flore Pleno'6 in.white-green doubleEarly55
Galanthusworonowii5-8 in.whiteEarly52.5
Hyacinthus'Blue Festival'8-12 in.blueEarly-Mid24
Ipheionuniflorum5 in.pale blueEarly102
Ipheionuniflorum 'Rolf Fiedler'to 12 in.deep, dusky violetEarly103
Ipheionuniflorum 'White Star'to 12 in.dark blueEarly103
Ipheionuniflorum 'Wisley Blue'to 12 in.dark blueEarly103
Irisdanfordiae3-6 in.yellow w-spotsVery Early52
Irisreticulata 'Cantab'4-12 in.light blueVery Early52
Irisreticulata 'Clairette'4 in.sky blueEarly-Mid103
Irisreticulata 'Gordon'4 in.medium blueMid103
Irisreticulata 'Harmony'6 in.purpleEarly103
Irisreticulata 'Katherine Hodgkin'6 in.blueEarly52.5
Irisreticulata 'Pixie'to 12 in.deep purpleEarly103
Leucojumaestivum12 in.whiteMid53.5
Muscariaucheri 'Blue Magic'6 in.blueMid52.5
Muscariaucheri 'Dark Eyes'6-8 in.deep blue w-white edgeMid103
Muscariaucheri 'Ocean Magic'8 in.deep blue base to white at topMid52.5
Muscariaucheri 'Saffier'8 in.French blueMid
Muscariaucheri 'White Magic'to 12 in.whiteMid53
Muscaribotyroides 'Superstar'4-6 in.periwinkle blueMid-Late52.5
Muscaricomosum6-9 in.violet feathery plumesVery Late53.5
Muscariparadoxum6 in.blueMid52.5
Narcissus[Cyclamineus]'February Gold'12 in.yellow-yellowEarly53.5
Narcissus[Cyclamineus]'Jetfire'12-24 in.yellow-red-orangeEarly53.5
Narcissus[Cyclamineus]'Rapture'12 in.yellow-yellowEarly54
Narcissus[Jonquilla]'Baby Moon'10 in.yellowMid-Late52
Narcissus[Jonquilla]'Kedron'12-24 in.yellow-orangeMid54
Narcissus[Jonquilla]'Pipit'12 in.yellow-whiteLate54
Narcissus[Jonquilla]'Sailboat'12 in.white-yellowMid-Late53.5
Narcissus[Jonquilla]'Sun Disc'8 in.yellow-dk yellowMid52
Narcissus[Jonquilla]'Suzy'16 in.yellow-orange-redLate54
Narcissus[Jonquilla]'Sweet Love'16 in.white-yellowMid-Late53
Narcissus[Poeticus]'Pheasant's Eye'14 in.white-yellow-red-greenLate55
Narcissus[Small Cupped]'Green Eyes'20 in.white-whiteMid56
Narcissus[Small Cupped]'Jamestown'14-16 in.White-yellowMid-Late56
Narcissus[Species]bulbocodium 'Golden Bells'6-8 in.yellowMid52.5
Narcissus[Species]canaliculatus6 in.white-yellowLate52.5
Narcissus[Species]jonquilla simplex10-12 in.yellowLate52.5
Narcissus[Species]jonquilla var. henriquesii8-10 in.yellowMid-Late52.5
Narcissus[Species]pseudonarcissus ssp. Obvallaris 'Tenby'8 in.yellowMid53.5
Narcissus[Triandrus]'Hawera'to 12 in.yellow-yellowMid-Late52.5
Narcissus[Triandrus]'Katie Heath'to 12 in.white-pinkMid55
Narcissus[Triandrus]'Thalia'16 in.white-whiteEarly-Mid53.5
Tulipa[Multi-Flowered]biflora5 in.yellow-wjiteMid54
Tulipa[Multi-Flowered]praestans 'Fusilier'8 in.redMid54.5
Tulipa[Species]'Little Beauty'to 12 in.reddish pink-blueMid52
Tulipa[Species]'Little Princess'4 in.orange-blackMid52.5
Tulipa[Species]bakeri 'Lilac Wonder'to 12 in.pink w-yellowMid52
Tulipa[Species]batalinii 'Bright Gem'6 in.yellow-orangeMid52
Tulipa[Species]batalinii 'Red Gem'6 in.redMid52
Tulipa[Species]batalinii 'Salmon Gem'6 in.salmon pinkMid53.5
Tulipa[Species]clusiana 'Cynthia'to 12 in.red-yellowMid52
Tulipa[Species]clusiana 'Lady Jane'12 in.red-whiteMid53.5
Tulipa[Species]clusiana 'Peppermint Stick'6-12 in.red-whiteMid54
Tulipa[Species]clusiana var chrysantha 'Tubergen's Gem'to 12 in.yellow-redMid52
Tulipa[Species]clusiana var. chrysantha6-12 in.red-yellowMid52
Tulipa[Species]dasystemon6 in.yellow-whiteEarly52
Tulipa[Species]gregii 'Vanilla Cream'16-20 in.cream-yellowMid-Late54.5
Tulipa[Species]greigii 'Mary Ann'6-12 in.red-whiteEarly54.5
Tulipa[Species]humilis 'Eastern Star'6 in.purple-yellowMid52.5
Tulipa[Species]humilis 'Persian Pearl'to 12 in.purpleEarly-Mid52.5
Tulipa[Species]humilis violacea6 in.pink-purpleMid52.5
Tulipa[Species]kolpakowskianato 8 in.yellow-redMid52.5
Tulipa[Species]linifoliato 12 in.redMid-Late52
Tulipa[Species]saxatilis6 in.pink-yellow baseMid52
Tulipa[Species]sylvestristo 12 in.yellowMid-Late54
Tulipa[Species]Tangerine Beauty'8 in.red-orangeMid-Late54
Tulipa[Species]turkestanica8 in.white-yellowEarly52
Tulipa[Triumph]'Bastogne'18 in.redMid-Late54
Tulipa[Triumph]'Gavota'18 in.purple-orangeMid54
Tulipa[Triumph]'Helmar'22 in.yellow-redMid-Late54
Tulipa[Triumph]'Mistress Mystic'18 in.rose-lavenderMid-Late55
Tulipa[Triumph]'Pittsburgh'18 in.raspberryMid-Late55
Tulipa[Triumph]'Rembrandts Favorite'22 in.purple-whiteMid56
Tulipa[Triumph]'Silverstone'14-16 in.lilac-roseMid56
Tulipa[Triumph]'Synaeda Blue'14 in.lilac-roseMid54
Tulipa[Triumph]'Topkapi'24 in.raspberryMid-Late56
Tulipa[Viridiflora]'Artist'12 in.pink blend-greenLate54.5
Tulipa[Viridiflora]'China Town'12-24 in.pink-greenLate54.5
Tulipa[Viridiflora]'Formosa'12 in.yellow-greenMid-Late55
Tulipa[Viridiflora]'Golden Artist'15 in.orange-greenLate55
Tulipa[Viridiflora]'Greenland'20 in.rose-greenMid-Late54.5
Tulipa[Viridiflora]'Night Rider'18-24 in.raspberryLate54.5
Tulipa[Viridiflora]'Pimpernel'16 in.purplishh-red-greenMid-Late55
Tulipa[Viridiflora]'Spring Green'16 in.white-greenLate54
Tulipa[Viridiflora]'Virichic'12-24 in.pink-greenMid-Late54.5
Allium'Cameleon'6-8 in.white to pinkLate5$3.50
Allium'Maimi'24-36 in.dark purpleLate5$4.50
Corydalissolida 'Beth Evans'6 in.pinkMid-Late5$4.50
Corydalissolida 'George P. Baker'6 in.dark pinkMid-Late5$6.00
Corydalissolida 'Purple Bird'6 in.dark purpleMid-Late3$6.00
Hyacinthusorientalis 'Anastacia'7-12 in.purpleMid3$6.00
Iris'Lion King'18-24 in.bronze-purpleLate5$4.50
Iris'Silvery Beauty'16-20 in.pale silver-blueLate5$4.50
Crocussativus7-12 in.purpleFall5$4.50
Crocusspeciosus6 in.violet blue to mauveFall3$3.00
Crocusspeciosus 'Conqueror'6 in.blueFall5$3.00
Crocusspeciosus 'Oxonian'6 in.deep violet blueFall5$4.50
Crocusmedius7-12 in.lilacFall5$4.50

HPSW Meeting –September 19th 7-9m Cass Turnbull “How to Prune and Renovate the Overgrown Garden”



How to Prune and Renovate the Overgrown Garden

Covers basic pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs as well as creative solutions to the overgrown or over-planted garden. The types of pruning cuts are shown and discussed. The concept of the ‘pruning budget’ is introduced. Plants are divided into three categories according to their natural habits and pruning techniques given for each. Before and after slides of pruning and diagrams will be used to illustrate pruning for size reduction and pruning for definition (thinning). And attendees will gain insight into the process of yard renovation, where pruning is but one tool in restoring a garden.

Meeting at Center for Urban Horticulture;  NHS Hall Section A,

3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105  MAP

Doors open at 6:30 for Seed Sales and food & socializing .

Business Meeting starts promptly at 7, We will sign up for the bulb sale – for bulb packaging on Oct 1 and 2, for weeding and primping and loading plants for the sale on Oct 8, and for the sale itself which is on Oct 9th followed by the talk.

HPSW Summer Plant Sale on July 2- 11am-3pm in Shoreline


HPSW will hold a summer sale  at Kandy Kroll’s house at 14555 Stone Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98155. Stone Ave is one block east of Highway 99 (Aurora). Take the 145th exit from I-5 and  head west towards Aurora Avenue. Turn right at Stone Ave N, and go down the hill. Kandy’s  house is at the bottom of the hill. 

You will be able to wander around the pots we have and choose the plants you want. You bring them down to the cashier station and we will price the pots there. Our prices are extremely reasonable. 

Please park on Kandy’s side of the road (west side) either outside Kandy’s yard or to the north. Don’t park on the east side, to allow the mail deliverer to reach the mailboxes there. 

We will be able to accept cash, credit cards and checks at this sale. 

Stone Ave N is a dead end street, but if you want refreshments, there are several choices on Aurora Avenue nearby, for example Kidd Valley is just south of 145th on Aurora, McDonald’s is north at about 150th; and there’s a good pizza place nearby. 

we hope to see you on July 2nd!

Pamela Perrott

206 999 3092 for questions