CUH Design Meeting – Monday Aug 27th, 6-8pm

There will be a design meeting on Monday August 27 6-8pm in the CUH Miller Library conference room, where there is a whiteboard where the design ideas can be drawn and photographed or sketched.  All with design ideas are welcome at this meeting.  We now have a list of acceptable plants from CUH, so we can design the first bed. We need to submit a design to CUH before we plant.   We’ll plant in the fall, after we’ve planted lots of bulbs.  Below is a quick sketch of the dimensions of the first two beds, and an overall schematic of the site [Download the PDF].  The Bulb PDF and Master Planting Plan PDF documents are also now available.  A Google Maps map of the site is also viewable.

[UPDATE TUES SEPT 11 – Added “screen shots” of the progress]

[UPDATE FRI SEPT 28 – Added Bulb and Master Planting Plan PDF]

[UPDATE WED NOV 7 – Added updated Bulb Planting Plan]

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