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I’m planting a privacy hedge of Leyland Cypress – What do I need to know about it?

Cupressocyparis leylandii, or Leyland cypress, is a very popular and fast-growing plant. It gives instant privacy, but this point is both a positive and negative fact. They simply grow too big. Pruning is essential in keeping the Leyland cypress in check, and this presents other problems. If not pruned correctly, you may end up with […]

What’s the deal with hellebores? Should the leaves be removed from all hellebores?

Remove the leaves of H. orientalis to the ground in January and February, being careful not to damage the stems of the emerging flowers. This is done to prevent disease from spreading and so you can see the flowers better. We usually leave the plant alone for the first two years. H. niger is a […]

Why don’t I ever see the flowers on my epimediums?

Well, we hope you’re cleaning up your herbaceous epimediums (E. alpinum, E. grandiflorum, E. youngianum, and their kin) as they die back. Cut the stems of the evergreen and semi-evergreen ones to the ground in January. This should only be done once your clumps are established, in about three years. Why do we do this? […]