2018 HPSW Schedule Speakers and Events

March 19th    Tanya De Marsh-Dodson, Great Plant Picks

April 29th       Spring Plant Sale at CUH

May 21st       Carrie Becker, TBA - in the Douglas Classroom at CUH

June 18th      Riz Reyes, Roses and UW Flower Crop Tour

July & Aug    Summer Picnic at Old Goat Farm, Date TBA

Sept 17th      Volunteer Park Conservatory Tour

Oct 14th        Fall Bulb Sale at CUH

Nov 19th        Dina Russell, A Bit More Biology for Gardeners

Dec               Holiday Party, Date & Location TBA

Meeting at Center for Urban Horticulture;  NHS Hall Section A

3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105  MAP

Hardy Plant Society of Washington Updates for 2020

We hope that you all are staying safe and healthy, during this challenging time. The Board met recently to map out a tentative plan for the rest of the year.

After much discussion, the HPSW Board has decided to cancel all indoor gatherings until at least November .

We are sad to announce that HPSW will NOT be holding the Fall Bulb Sale this year

Please note that these additional meetings have been rescheduled to 2021:

-Sue Goetz, The Creative Gardener

– Darren Strenge, Gardening with MossW

Updated Schedule for 2020

July or August Summer Picnic, Date & Location Cancelled
August 17th CANCELLED
September 21st -CANCELLED
October 18th HPSW Fall Bulb Sale at CUH -CANCELLED
November 16th Patrick & Margaret Spence, Using Iris in Your Garden
December Holiday Party, Date & Location TBA
(Tues) January 19th, 2021 Wendy DesCamp, ID & Control of Noxious Weeds

For our meetings, doors open at 6:30 for snacks, socializing, and seeds. Everyone is welcome to bring treats to share.

Center for Urban Horticulture, 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105

Hardy Plant Society of Washington | 14555 Stone Ave N, Shoreline, WA 98133

Hardy Plant Society of Washington Updates for 2020

Monday, May 18th’s meeting with Robin Wyll, Super Easy Salad Gardening, and Monday June 15th’s meeting with Grace Hensley, Using Your Smart Phone in the Garden have been rescheduled to 2021

The HPSW Board is continuing to look into a summer plant sale, outdoors at Kandy’s, and possible scheduling of our summer picnic. 

We have cancelled our regular indoor meetings at CUH until at least September

Updated Schedule for 2020

July or August Summer Picnic, Date & Location TBA
August 17th Sue Goetz, The Creative Gardener-CANCELLED
September 21st Darren Strenge, Gardening with Moss
October 18th HPSW Fall Bulb Sale at CUH
November 16th Patrick & Margaret Spence, Using Iris in Your Garden
December Holiday Party, Date & Location TBA
(Tues) January 19th, 2021 Wendy DesCamp, ID & Control of Noxious Weeds

For our meetings, doors open at 6:30 for snacks, socializing, and seeds. Everyone is welcome to bring treats to share.

Center for Urban Horticulture, 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105

The HPSW March Meeting , – Cancelled

Our Program with Sue Goetz and “TheHerb Lovers Garden” will be rescheduled for AUGUST 17th, 2020.

Sue Goetz, Garden Designer and Consultant, will speak on ‘The Herb-Lovers Garden’:  Landscaping, fragrance, healing, edibles, seasoning and cut flowers.  Growing hints, landscape design and recipes included.

Sue Goetz is an award-winning garden designer, writer, and speaker. Through her business ‘The Creative Gardener’ and as staff designer with Father Nature Landscapes, she works with clients to personalize outdoor spaces – from garden coaching to full landscape design. Her design work has earned gold medals at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show and specialty awards including; the Sunset Magazine award, the Fine Gardening magazine award and The American Horticultural Society Award. 

Sue Goetz, CPH , eco_pro

Garden Design, Consultation, Speaker and Author


Design Build with Father Nature Landscapes 

Author of The Herb Lover’s Spa Book and A Taste for Herbs

Writing and speaking are other ways Sue shares her love of the garden. Her motto “inspiring gardeners to create” defines her talks and hands-on 

Meeting at Center for Urban Horticulture;  NHS Hall, Section A, Doors open at 6:30 for Seed Sales and food & socializing .
3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105  MAP

2018 Bulb listing for the HPSW Fall Sale – October 14th

Here’s a look at the Bulbs available at the Fall Sale



Hardy Plant Society of Washington
8th Annual Fall Bulb and Plant Sale

Sunday Oct 14, 10 am – 2 pm – only

2018TypeClassNameHeightColorBloom Time
2018AlliumAlliumaflatuense Purple Sensation30"purpleLate-Season
2018AlliumAlliumamplectens Graceful Beauty12-16"whiteLate
2018AlliumAlliumatropurpureum12-24"v dark purpleVery Late
2018AlliumAlliumazureum20-24"azure blueVery Late
2018AlliumAlliumChameleon6-8"dark rose to whiteLate-Season
2018AlliumAlliumMoly Jeannineto 12"yellowV late-Season
2018AlliumAlliumMt Everest30"whiteLate-Season
2018AlliumAlliumsiculum bulgaricum32"purple/white/greenLate-Season
2018BrodiaeaBrodiaeacalifornica Babylon24"pinkLate
2018BrodiaeaBrodiaealaxa coccinea24"reddish-violetLate Spring
2018BrodiaeaBrodiaealaxa corrina14"deep blue-violetLate
2018BrodiaeaBrodiaealaxa Silver Queen18"whiteLate
2018BrodiaeaBrodiaeaPink Diamond24"pinkMid
2018BrodiaeaBrodiaeaRudy12-24"purple/white stripedLate
2018CamassiaCamassiaquamash12-24"blueLate Spring
2018CamassiaCamassiaquamash Blue Melody15"dark blueLate-Season
2018CamassiaCamassiaquamash 'Orion'15"deep violet blueLate Spring
2018ChionodoxaChionodoxaforbesii Blue Giantto 12"light blueVery Early
2018ChionodoxaChionodoxaluciliae albato 12"whiteEarly
2018ChionodoxaChionodoxaluciliae Violet Beauty5-6"pink-violetEarly
2018CorydalisCorydalissolida Beth Evans4-5"pinkEarly
2018CrocusBotanicalangustifolius Cloth of Gold6"yellowVery Early
2018CrocusBotanicalbiflorus Miss Vain4"whiteEarly
2018CrocusBotanicalchrysanthus Blue Pearl3-4"blueEarly
2018CrocusBotanicalchrysanthus Cream Beauty3"creamEarly
2018CrocusBotanicalchrysanthus Goldilocksto 12"yellowEarly
2018CrocusBotanicaletruscus Zwanenburg4"dark bronzeEarly
2018CrocusBotanicalminimus Spring Beauty4"white/purpleEarly
2018CrocusBotanicalsieberi Firefly4"lavenderEarly
2018CrocusBotanicalsieberi Tricolor4"blue/white/yellowEarly
2018CrocusBotanicaltommas Barr's Purple4"purpleEarly
2018CrocusBotanicaltommas Lilac Beauty4"lavenderEarly
2018CrocusBotanicaltommasinianus Ruby Giant3-6"deep violet-purpleEarly
2018CrocusDutchvernus Flower Record5"deep violetMid-Season
2018CrocusDutchvernus Grand Maitre5"lavender-violetMid-Season
2018CrocusDutchvernus Jeanne d'arc5"whiteMid-Season
2018CrocusDutchvernus pickwick5"silver-lilacMid-Season
2018CrocusBotanicalvernus Vanguard4-6"blue/whiteEarly
2018FritillariaFritillariaacmopetala12-18"pale green/purpleMid-Season
2018FritillariaFritillariameleagris8"white/purple mixEarly
2018FritillariaFritillariamichailovskyi6"deep purplish brown/yellownMid-Late
2018FritillariaFritillariauva-vulpis4-14"purplish gray w/yellow
2018GladiolusGladioluscommunis Byzantinus16-24"purple-redLate-Season
2018HyacinthoidesHyacinthoideshispanica12'light blueLate-Season
2018HyacinthusHyacinthusFestival type8-10"blueMid-Season
2018IpheionIpheionuniflorum Alberto Castillo3-6"whiteMid-Season
2018IpheionIpheionuniflorum Rolf Fiedlerto 12"deep, dusky violetEarly
2018IpheionIpheionuniflorum White Starto 12"whiteeEarly
2018IpheionIpheionuniflorum Wisley Blueto 12"dark blueEarly
2018IrisdutchBlue Magic18-22"violet/blueLate-Season
2018IrisreticulataClairette4"sky blueEarly-Mid
2018Irisdanfordiaedanfordiae3-6”yellow w/spotsVery Early
2018IrisdutchEye of the Tiger18-20"purpleLate
2018IrisreticulataHarmonyto 12"deep blueEarly
2018IrishistrioidesKatharine Hodgkin5"bluue striped/yellowVery Early
2018IrishistrioidesKatherine's Gold4"pale yellowMid-Season
2018IrisDutchMystic Beauty18-20"blue/yellowLate
2018IrisreticulataPainted Lady4"white/blue/violetMid-Season
2018IrisreticulataPixieto 12"deep purpleEarly
2018IrisDutchSilvery Beauty18-22"pale blue/whiteLate-Season
2018MuscariaucheriBlue Magic6"blueMid-Season
2018MuscariarmeniacumHelena8"violet-blue w/ whiteMid-Season
2018Muscarimuscarilatifolium6"deep blueMid-Season
2018Muscarimuscarilatifolium Grape Ice6"blue-grape to whiteMid-Season
2018Muscarimuscarineglectum Baby's Breath4-5"pale blueMid-Season
2018MuscariaucheriOcean Magic8"deep blue base to white at topMid-Season
2018MuscariarmeniacumSiberian Tiger8"whiteMid-Season
2018MuscariarmeniacumValerie Finnis6"blueMid-Season
2018NarcissusLarge CuppedAccent16"white/orangeMid-Season
2018NarcissusSmall CuppedAltruist14-18"yellow/crimson-orangeMid-Season
2018NarcissusLarge CuppedAltun ha18"greenish yellowMid-Season
2018NarcissusSmall CuppedBarrett Browning14-16"white/orangeMid-Season
2018NarcissusJonquillaBeautiful Eyes12-24"pale yellow/orangeMid
2018NarcissusJonquillaBell Song14-16"buff/pinkLate-Season
2018NarcissusLarge CuppedBrackenhurst16"yellow/reddish-orangeMid-Season
2018NarcissusDoubleBridal Crown12-24'white/orangeEarly-Mid
2018NarcissusBotanicalbulbocodium Golden Bellsto 12"yellow/yellowMid-Season
2018NarcissusLarge CuppedCamelot16-18"yellowMid-Season
2018NarcissusBotanicalcanaliculatusto 12"white/goldEarly-Mid
2018NarcissusSplit CupCassata16-18"greenish-white/yellowMid-Season
2018NarcissusCyclamineusCha Cha8-12"white/pinkMid-Season
2018NarcissusLarge CuppedChromacolor14-16"white/coral-pinkMid-Season
2018NarcissusCyclamineusFebruary Gold12"yelow/yellowEarly
2018NarcissusJonquillaGolden Echo14"white/yellowLate-Season
2018NarcissusLarge CuppedGolden Salome16"creamy yellow/yellowMid-Season
2018NarcissusTriandrusHawerato 12"yellow/yellowMid-Late
2018NarcissusLarge CuppedIce Follies18-20"white/yellowMid-Season
2018NarcissusDoubleIce King14-16"white/yellowMid-Season
2018NarcissusTriandrusKatie Heathto 12'white/pinkMid-Season
2018NarcissusSplit CupLemon Beauty16"white/yellowMid-Season
2018NarcissusJonquillaLemon Sailboat10-12"yellowLate-Season
2018NarcissusSplit CupLove Call16"white/golden-orangeMid-Season
2018NarcissusLarge CuppedMisty Glen16-18"whiteMid-Season
2018NarcissusLarge CuppedMonal13-18"yellow/orangeEarly
2018NarcissusTriandrusMoonlight Sensation14-16"yellowLate-Season
2019NarcissusTriandrusSunlight Sensation14-16"yellowMid Season
2018NarcissusBotanicalodorus flore pleno10-12"yellowEarly
2018NarcissusLarge CuppedPassionale18-20"white/pinkMid-Late
2018NarcissusPoeticusPheasant's Eye14"white/yellow-red-greenLate-Season
2018NarcissusTrumpetPink Charm18-20"white/pinkMid-Late
2018NarcissusSmall CuppedPrincess Zaide16-20"whiteMid-Season
2018NarcissusSmall CuppedRingtone14-16"buff/yellowMid-Season
2018NarcissusMinaturesRip van Winkle5-8"yellowEarly-Mid
2018NarcissusSmall CuppedRomieuxii Julia Jane6"greenish-yellowLate-Season
2018NarcissusLarge CuppedSalome12-24"white/pinkLate-Season
2018NarcissusTazettaSilver Chimes16-18"whitee/yellowLate-Season
2018NarcissusJonquillaSilver Smiles14-16"greenish white/yellowLate-Season
2018NarcissusSplit CupSorbet16"white/yellow/orangeMid-Season
2018NarcissusTriandrusStarlight Sensation14-16"whiteLate-Season
2018NarcissusJonquillaSweet Smiles12-16"white/yellowLate-Season
2018NarcissusCyclamineusTete a Tete6-7"yellowMid-Season
2018NarcissusCyclamineusTweety Bird10-12"yellowMid-Season
2018NarcissusTrumpetWatch Up16"whiteMid-Season
2018NarcissusDoubleYellow Cheerfulness16"yellow/yellowLate-Season
2018NarcissusJonquillaYellow Sailboat7-12"yellowMid-Late
2018PuschkiniaScillalibanotica alba5"whiteMid-Season
2018TulipaDouble lateAngelique18"roseMid-Season
2018TulipaTriumphApricot Beauty18"salmon-rose/purple/greenLate-Season
2018TulipaTriumphApricot Foxx18-20"apricot-raspberryLate-Season
2018TulipaDarwin hybridApricot Impression20-22"tangerine-orangeLate-Season
2018TulipaSpeciesbakeri Lilac Wonderto 12"pink w/yellowMid-Season
2018TulipaLily FloweredBallade22"reddish-magentaMid-Season
2018TulipaDarwin hybridBanja Luka22"yellow/redLate-Season
2018TulipaSpeciesbatalini Honky Tonk6-8"yellowMid-Season
2018TulipaSpeciesbatalinii Bright Gem6"yellow/orangeMid-Season
2018TulipaSpeciesbatalinii Salmon Gem6"salmon pinkMid-Season
2018TulipaDarwin hybridBeau Monde26"white/raspberryLate-Season
2018TulipaParrotBlue Parrot22"violetLate-Season
2018TulipaSingle lateBlushing Beauty30"yellow/redLate-Season
2018TulipaSingle lateBlushing Lady30"yellow w/pinkMid-Late
2018TulipaTriumphBrown Sugar12-14"red-orangeMid-Season
2018TulipaDarwin hybridBurning Heart22"ivory/redLate-Season
2018TulipaSingle lateCamargue26"yellow/raspberryMid-Late
2018TulipaViridifloraChina Town12-24"pink/greenMid-Late
2018TulipaSpeciesclusiana chry Tubergens Gemto 12"yellow/redMid-Season
2018TulipaSpeciesclusiana Cynthiato 12"red/yellowMid-Season
2018TulipaSpeciesclusiana Lady Jane12"red/whiteMid-Season
2018TulipaSpeciesclusiana var chrysanthato 12"yellow/redMid-Season
2018TulipaDarwin hybridCome-Back14-16"redMid-Season
2018TulipaDarwin hybridDesign Impression20-22"roseMid-Season
2018TulipaTriumphDreaming Maid20"violet-roseMid-Season
2018TulipaLily FloweredElegant Lady12-24"yellow/redLate-Season
ScillaScillaKatie Heath6-8"amethyst-violetMid-Late
2018TulipaParrotEstella Rijnvold22"red/whiteLate-Season
2018TulipaParrotFlaming Parrot22"red/yellowLate-Season
2018TulipaDoubleFoxtrot12-14"old roseMid-Season
2018TulipaDoubleFoxy foxtrot12-14"marmalade orangeMid-Season
2018TulipaViridifloraGolden Artist15"orange/greenLate-Season
2018TulipaViridifloraGreen Wave20"pink/greenLate-Season
2018TulipaSpecieshumilis Eastern Star6"purple/yellowMid-Season
2018TulipaSpecieshumilis Helene3-4"rose-pinkEarly-mid
2018TulipaSpecieshumilis Persian Pearlto 12"purpleEarly-Mid
2018TulipaSpecieshumilis Violacea6"pink-purpleMid-Season
2018TulipaSpeciesIce Stick12"white/purple/pinkMid
2018TulipaDarwin hybridJaap Groot22"yellow/whiteLate-Season
2018TulipaSpecieskolpakowskianato 8"yellow/redMid-Season
2018TulipaSpecieslinifoliato 12"redMid-Late
2018TulipaSpeciesLittle Beautyto 12"reddish pink/blueMid-Season
2018TulipaFringedLouvre22-24"pinkish purpleLate-Season
2018TulipaLily FloweredMarianne20-22"raspberry-red/yellowLate-Season
2018TulipaLily FloweredMariette22"roseLate-Season
2018TulipaLily FloweredMarilyn22"white/redLate-Season
2018TulipaGreigiiMary Ann6-12"red/whiteEarly
2018TulipaSingle lateMenton26"rose-pinkLate-Season
2018TulipaTriumphMistress Mystic18"rose/lavenderMid-Late
2018TulipaDouble lateOrange Princess14"orangeMid-Season
2018TulipaDouble EarlyOrca10-14"orange-goldEarly-Mid
2018TulipaSpeciesOrphanidea Flava9"pale orange/redMid-Season
2018TulipaTriumphPaul Scherer18"purple-blackMid-Season
2018TulipaSpeciesPeppermint Stick8-10"white/redMid-Season
2018TulipaMulti-floweredpraestans Bloemenlust10-14"redMid-Season
2018TulipaMulti-floweredpraestans Fuselier8"redMid-Season
2018TulipaSingle EarlyPrincess Irene12"orange/purpleEarly-Mid
2018TulipaSingle EarlyPurple Prince12"purpleEarly-Mid
2018TulipaSingle lateQueen of Night24"deep maroonMid-Late
2018TulipaTriumphRembrandt's Favorite22"purple/whiteMid
2018TulipaDarwin hybridSalmon Impression20-22"salmon-apricotMid-Season
2018TulipaSpeciessaxatilis6"pink/yellow baseMid-Season
2018TulipaDarwin hybridSilverstream24"yellow w/redLate-Season
2018TulipaViridifloraSpring Green16"white/greenLate-Season
2018TulipaSingle EarlySunny Prince16-18"yellowMid-Season
2018TulipaSpeciessylvestristo 12"yellowMid-Late
2018TulipaTriumphSynaeda Blue14"lilac-roseMid
2018TulipaSpeciesv. Tangerine Beauty8"red/orangeMid-Late
2018TulipaGreigiiVanilla Cream16-20"cream yellowMid-Season
2018TulipaSingle lateViolet Beauty18"lavender-blueMid-Late
2018TulipaSingle EarlyWhite Marvel14-16"whiteMid-Season
2018TulipaSingle lateWorld Expression24"yellow/redMid-Late


HPSW Christmas Party – December 13th from 3 to 6pm





The HPSW Christmas Party will be Dec 13 3pm-6pm or so at Lynne Harrison’s on Mercer Island

There will be a white elephant gift exchange but no stealing others’ presents – unless they WANT to exchange with you. You do not have to participate in the gift exchange if you’d rather not. You cannot bring what you got last year, you have to wait til the 2nd year to bring it back. 

It’s a potluck. Bring a dish to share. Parking in Lynne’s driveway or on the street. 

HPSW Meeting – Nov. 16th – 7pm : Kathleen DeMaria – Washington Park Arboretum New Zealand Gardens

SONY DSCKathleen DeMaria will be  speaking on Creating New Zealand of the Northern Hemisphere:The Trials, Tribulations (and Successes) of Installing New Gardens at the Washington Park Arboretum

Kathleen DeMaria joined the Arboretum staff. in 2013 as the new full-time gardener in charge of maintaining the New Zealand Forest at Pacific Connections.  Kathleen is a graduate of the Master of Environmental Horticulture program at the UW. Before coming on as staff, she was an active volunteer in the Pacific Connections Garden Stewards program at the Arboretum.

There will be food and socializing at 6:30, a business meeting at 7 followed by the talk

Join Us for Refreshments and Socializing  at 6:30 ,

NHS Hall Section A, Center for Urban Horticulture, 3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105  MAP

Moving the Nothofagus:


Look what is happening at HPSW for Fall

September 21 : Pat Riehl – Vashon Island Stumpery Ferns

October 11:  *Annual Fall Bulb Sale- 10-2pm * at CUH

November 16 : Kathleen DeMaria – Creating New Zealand of the North

December Holiday Party

 Meetings  at the Center for Urban Horticulture (CUH) from 7-9 pm

Don’t forget to visit and volunteer at our new Public Garden at CUH!

NHS Hall Section A, Center for Urban Horticulture, 3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105 MAP
CUH is at 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105

HPSW Meeting -June 15 @ 7pm : Bob Seaman – Pacific Coast Irises

PCI.Silver Plate clumpIt’s said that growing Pacific Coast Iris can be a challenge. This may be true for some of them, but they are well worth the effort!   Join Bob Seaman for a stroll through the garden and see why.

Bob will do a quick review of other irises as well.

Bob Seaman has created a beautiful garden on this small city lot and has specialized in PCIs since 2009. He has over 240 varieties, as well as a smattering of bearded irises and misc. other species, tucked into every corner, making excellent use of the small space.   Bob Seaman

AIS Region 13 RVP

7051 S 126th St

Seattle, WA 98178-4337




Refreshments and socializing 6:30

NHS Hall Section A, Center for Urban Horticulture, 3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105 MAP
CUH is at 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105

HPSW Meeting -May 18th @ 7pm : Connie Sidles – Attracting Birds to our Gardens

SecondNatureCover-thumb-308x483-29115Connie Sidles, a member of the Seattle Audubon Society ,and former Board member .  Connie is a master birder with more than 600 North American birds on her life list. She has led several trips for Seattle Audubon Society and currently serves as chair of Seattle Audubon’s Publications Committee.


Refreshments and socializing 6:30
NHS Hall Section A, Center for Urban Horticulture, 3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105 MAP
CUH is at 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105

2015 HPSW Meeting Calendar

January 20  Bob Lilly – Gardens and Flower Shows of India

February 11-15  NW Flower and Garden Show – Booth #2409

March 16  Tim Hohn – Horticulture Program at Edmonds CC

April 19, 10-2pm  Spring Plant Sale – CUH

May 18  Connie Sidles – Attracting Birds to our Gardens

June 15  Bob Seaman – Leonine Iris – Pacific Coast Irises

July No Meeting

August No Meeting

September 21  Pat Riehl – Vashon Island Stumpery Ferns

October 11, 10-2pm Fall Bulb Sale – CUH

November 16  Kathleen DeMaria – Creating New Zealand of the North

December Holiday Party

All meetings at the Center for Urban Horticulture (CUH) from 7-9 pm

Don’t forget to visit and volunteer at our new Public Garden at CUH!cropped-logo_drkgrnborder_blackbg_hpsw_150px.png

American Community Garden Association Meeting Announcement

International conference on community gardening invites public to participate

Low-cost tours and workshops feature urban farms and gardens

SeattleConference Small

July 22, 2013 (Seattle, WA) – Interested in community gardening? The 34th Annual American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) Conference is coming to Seattle, August 8 – 11, and is opening its workshops and tours to the public.

On the tours, participants can visit innovative sites, learn about community orchards, even study garden design and art while meeting people from around the world who are involved in community gardening. Most tours occur on Saturday, August 10 from 12:30 – 5:30 p.m. All tours cost $40 and include lunch and transportation. To view the tour descriptions and to register, visit the ACGA website.

Community members can also attend conference workshops and functions a la carte with more than 50 topics to choose from. Conference sessions are as follows:
• Friday – Keynote speaker, lunch, and workshops from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. for $75 • Friday night – Gala Dinner and Silent Auction for $85 • Saturday – Workshops from 8 a.m. to 12 noon for $40 • Saturday and Sunday – Workshops, tours, and closing panel from 8 a.m. – 12 noon for $80.
Workshops are conducted by experts in urban agriculture, community gardening, and associated topics. Topic sessions include:
• Horticulture, permaculture, and city livestock • Garden/farm to table to compost to garden/farm • Health, prevention and therapy • Cultural, social, and environmental justice
To learn more about each day’s activities, view the conference schedule and register here for the a la carte sessions. The conference will be held at University of Washington’s Gould Hall (3949 15th Ave NE).
The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods P-Patch Community Gardening Program is a host of the ACGA Conference. For more information on the workshops and tours, contact Sandy Pernitz at sandy.pernitz@seattle.gov.

2013 Schedule of Events

Handed out at the NW Flower and Garden Show were the postcards with our

Scheduled 2013 Events:

  • January 22nd                 Jennifer Carlson – Sustainable Garden Design
  • February 20-24th         NW Flower and Garden Show
  • March 18th                    Neil Zimmerman – Seattle Audubon
  • April 14th, 10-2pm       Spring Plant Sale – CUH
  • May 20th                       Linda Urbaniak – Great Plant Picks
  • June 17th                      Walt Bubelis
  • July                                No Meeting
  • August 11th                  Summer Picnic, TBD
  • September 16th            Linda McDonald – Overwintering Half-Hardy Plants
  • October 13th, 10-2pm Fall Bulb Sale – CUH
  • November 18th             Linda Chalker Scott – Myths about Gardening
  • December 15th Holiday Party

All meetings at the Center for Urban Horticulture (CUH) from 7-9 pm
Don’t forget to visit and volunteer at our new Public Garden at CUH!

Paeonia Coral Charm

Paeonia Coral Charm