Work Party – Sunday May 27th

We had a huge crowd on Sunday, May 27th from 10am-4pm! We had a monumental weed-pulling/horsetail removal effort, AND spread another 20 yards of Enviromix.  Our planting beds are prepped!  Just one or two more horsetail pulling sessions and I think we’ve got it licked!  Thank you to everyone who came!

Work Party – Sat March 31st – 10-3- New Bed!

The new entrance bed, before

The new entrance bed, before


Due to the rain, we cannot accept a delivery of soil on the lawn at our site tomorrow, so we will NOT be spreading soil on Saturday.  Instead, we will be installing some of the plants that we have available in Bed One.   YAY!   We will postpone the soil delivery until early May.



Please join us for a new work party spreading dirt! We’ll meet at CUH on Saturday, March 31st, from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm to spread another load of dirt. We’ll take a lunch break at Burgermaster! Bring your shovels, gloves, and a good sense of humor! We’ll also start on prepping the new bed, by lifting the stones and clearing out the weeds. We hope to start planting these beds the last half of April, after the plant sale.

Candids from our first Work Party – 2011

Our First Work Party!

Entrance Bed scraped of soil with Magnolia rootball exposed

Entrance Bed scraped of soil

Thursday Dec 22 2011, 10am

Please join us at the Center for Urban Horticulture, 3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105 Map on Thursday, December 22, 2011 at 10 am for the first work party of our new public garden.  The diggers have been hard at work removing the horse-tail infested soil, and the new soil, EnviroMix from Pacific Topsoils will be delivered this week.  Come help us spread it out and get ready for planting.  Please bring work clothes and tools for spreading soil, if you have them.  We’ll bring some wheelbarrows.