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HPSW Summer Potluck – Sunday August 13th from 12-3pm

Come join us for the annual HPSW Summer Picnic. Bring a dish to share. HPSW will supply plates and cups, napkins and knives, forks, and spoons, and basic things to drink like water and lemonade.


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call Pam at 206 999 3092 with questions
Please Note: Madelyn lives near the north end of Capitol Hill, not far from Volunteer Park. Her house is up a long flight of stairs through a rockery, with no handrail, but you can use her neighbor’s stairs – the neighbor to the south – and then cross into her yard at the top. 

Look what is happening at HPSW for Fall

September 21 : Pat Riehl – Vashon Island Stumpery Ferns

October 11:  *Annual Fall Bulb Sale- 10-2pm * at CUH

November 16 : Kathleen DeMaria – Creating New Zealand of the North

December Holiday Party

 Meetings  at the Center for Urban Horticulture (CUH) from 7-9 pm

Don’t forget to visit and volunteer at our new Public Garden at CUH!

NHS Hall Section A, Center for Urban Horticulture, 3501 NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105 MAP
CUH is at 3501 NE 41st St, Seattle, WA 98105

HPSW 2015 Annual Picnic

The annual HPSW picnic will be in Beda Herbison’s garden  on August 8, 2015  from  Noon to 3pm.  (Although we can stay later if we’re still talking!)

In the unlikely event that it rains we’ll be able to go inside, otherwise we’ll be in the shade of Beda’s large Cedar tree. 

The picnic is a potluck. HPSW will supply drinks and plates, cups etc. So all you need to bring is your potluck dish and a serving utensil. See you there!images-1

Updated Listing From HPSW 2015 Plant Sale

HPSW Plant Sale 2015
Genus Species variety
Anemone japonica
Anemone nemerosa viridiflora
Anemone nemerosa ‘Bractenta’
Arisaema amurense
Arisaema proboscideum mouse plant
Aster divaricatus
Aster short blue
Aster tall blue
Aster ‘Hot Pink’
Aster tall purple
Astrantia major
Beesia diphylla
Cardamine single pink flowers
Chrysanthemum ‘Kandy’s Gold’
Chrysanthemum ‘Pink’
Corydalis solida
Crambe cordifolia crown divisions
Crambe maritima
Dicentra formosa native
Disporum flavum
Epimedium x versicolor ‘Sulphureum’
Epimedium Orange Queen’
Eryngium giganteum
Fragaria edible strawberry
Geranium cantabrigiensis Bioloco’
Geranium 2′ laveder blue clumping
Geum Orange
Helianthus salicifolius
Helenium ‘Orange’
Helleborus orientalis seedlings
Helleborus orientalis
Hemerocallis Kwanso ‘Flore Pleno’
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus
Hemerocallis ‘Autumn Minaret’
Hemerocallis ‘Butter Yellow’
Hemerocallis ‘Spider Miracle’
Hemerocallis Stella d’Oro’
Hops Golden
Hosta big green
Hosta ‘Blue Cadet’
Hosta ‘Francee’
Hosta green Coral’s plant
Hosta plantagenea
Hosta small clumping
Hosta venusta
Hosta venusta
Hosta ‘Krossa Regal’
Hosta ‘Northern Exposure’
Hosta ‘Patriot’
Hosta ‘Warwick Curtsy’
Iris germanica
Iris siberica ‘Alba’
Iris japonica
Lilium ‘Conch d’Or’
Oxalis oregana
Ophiopogon Black Mondo Grass
Ostrich Plume Fern
Pachyphragma macrophyllum
Pachyphragma macrophyllum
Peony double white
Peony double pink
Persicaria amplexicaulis red form
Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Rosea’
Persicaria amplexicaulis ‘Taurus’
Persicaria ‘Red Dragon’
Persicaria bistorta superba
Petasites japonicus ‘Variegatus’
Polygonatum commutatum
Polygonatum verticillatum
Primula Wanda group
Primula ‘Dorothy’
Ranunculus ficaria ‘Flore Pleno’
Saxifraga dentata
Saxifraga stolonifera Strawberrry Begonia’
Silene dioica Clifford Moor’
Soldanella alpina
Solidago rugosa ‘Fireworks’
Thalictrum aquilegifolia
Thalictrum kisoanum
Trachystemon orientalis
Viola various cultivars

Spring Plant Sale – Sunday April 19th, 10am – 2pm CUH