October 13th, 2013 – HPSW Fall Bulb Sale


The Hardy Plant Society of Washington’s 3rd Annual Fall Bulb Sale

Sunday October 13th, 2013- 

10 am – 2 pm –

 Center for Urban Horticulture

3501-NE 41st St. Seattle, WA 98105, MAP

Browse the wide selection of Tulips, Narcissus, Alliums and more unusual bulbs at the Hardy Plant Society of Washington 3rd Annual Fall Bulb Sale,

Here’s what to look for:

38 varieties of Tulips

 also: Tulipa viridifloras: 

  • China Town
  • Spring Green, 
  • Esperanto,
  • Golden Artist
  • Artist

66 varieties of Narcissus (daffodils)

  • Several new Narcissus – a bit expensive, but worth it
    • PayDay-  Trumpet, late blooming pale yellow
    • Weena – Trumpet white
    • Accent – Large Cup, white petals short salmon cup
    • Chromacolor – Large Cup, white petals deep coral cup
    • Angel – Small Cup, Icy white with a green eye
    • Copper Queen – Small  Cup, best orange petals  yet!
    • Green Eyed Lady – Small Cup, white petals dark green eye
    • Thalia  Sun – Triandrus, white with a pale bright yellow cup
    • Surfside – Cyclamineus, recurved white petals, orange cup

15 varieties of Crocus- several of the species or ‘Botanical’ crocus.  12 varieties or cultivars including 4 Crocus tommasinianus cultivars

11 varieties of Alliums – all the best ones, most are truly hardy

24 species of the minor or ‘specialty’ bulbs like Ixia, Chionodoxa, Scilla, etc.

 And New for 2013:

3 Calochortus – a California wildflower for sun baked locations





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